School Council Minutes-September 2019

Posted March 3, 2020

September School Council Minutes – 2019

Date: Sept. 17th , 2019
Time: 18:30 – 20:00
Location: Makerspace, Spencer Ave ES

Parent Attendees: Megan Taylor Mike Steer Miranda O’Connor Cheryl Littleton Lisa Laidlaw

Lisa Hamamy Kathryn Yardley Kristi Bhogol

Bonnie Gerrits
Narius Mistry
Rick Cowen
Kristine May
Jackie Irwin
Sabrina O’Keefe
Ashley Stager
Veronica Chisholm-Smith

Cari Mistry
Kristi Bhogal Charlotte Rivoire Jennifer Hunt Monica Kellar Christine Kirkland Sabrina Macpherson

Spencer Avenue Elementary School School Council Meeting Minutes

Staff Attendees:
Principal: Dianna Secord
Non-Teaching representative: Mallory Cardona

Meeting called to Order at 6:32pm by Megan

  1. Introductions:
    Several new faces in attendance for this meeting, Megan was thanked for her work in the role of Chairperson for the 2018-2019 year. Attendees went around the table in- troducing themselves and their connection to the school.
  2. Previous Minutes
    June meeting minutes were distributed via email prior to the meeting and copies were made available by QR Code at the meeting for review. No errors or objections MOTION: to accept the June minutes by Jackie Irwin and seconded by Mike Steer. Motion carried, minutes approved.
    ACTION ITEM: Secretary to send June minutes to Dianna and OC.
  3. Principal’s Message
    Playground: Keith from Trillium Outdoor services has accepted the contract (proposal/quote still needs approval from Operations at the BO). He previously built the playgrounds for: Guelph Lake PS, Island Lake PS, and William Winegard PS

    • ●  Naturalized Playground with Monkey bars, seating, sand box, drama areas and 8 mature trees
    • ●  North end by the previously established soccer posts
    • ●  Will run perpendicular to the school and not parallel as originally requested
    • ●  Soccer fields will also change direction
    • ●  Quoted cost is $38k for phase one
    • ●  $14k of the $38k going to the preparation of the ground. Due to the structure being built in a swell, it’s important that the drainage is build sufficiently
    • ●  Safety fence will be installed and timeline is 2-4 weeks for completion.
    • ●  Committee and council to have a look at options for phase two
  • ●  Dianna spoke with other principals to find out what was the most popular apparatus – hands down the sandbox area.
  • ●  Kinder area to be done as well – no drawings presented at meeting
  • ●  Some areas (monkey bars etc.) will need to be closed in winter months. The ministry will come inspect and advise.
  • ●  September 2019 we did not have a reOrg.
  • ●  School has very little storage – still several items left over from the Winter Fair and the Spring Fair onsite – Miranda and Mallory Volunteered to store at their home.
  • ●  $3k was allocated to the Makerspace in 2018 – not reflected in the budget.
  • ●  Staffing changes: Lauren Carruthers (G6) has accepted a contract and will be leaving. The Position for the LTO will be posted. There was a discussion on the process – Dianna will choose from the applicants presented to her from HR on the LTO list, not an interview process
  • ●  Betty is filling in for the OC Role
    ACTION ITEM: Narius to adjust the budget to show the $3k Maker Space allocation

4. Treasurer Report- presented by Narius

  • ●  May 2019 YtD numbers have been actualized, presented and approved
  • ●  Available Balance August 31, 2019 $25,170.24
  • ●  There are sufficient funds in the Playground G/L to cover the quoted $38kplus HST, in addition the annual maintenance fee will be approx. $5k-$7k

○ Maintenance fee will include the cost of re-mulching/topping up of areas

  • ●  Financial split allocation for the 2019/2020 year will be 60% Playground and40% school needs – including Maker Space
  • ●  School is cash free, all payments made online through the CashOnline portal- Data dumps and Treasure has to sort through and assign to the GL once received to arrange payments etc.
  • ●  There was a vote passed to allocate $150 budget for Meet the Teacher Night snacks/refreshments on Thursday, September 19

5. Introduction to council roles & election

  • ●  To be eligible to vote, you must have attended three of the past six councilmeetings. To date – council has never had to put an issue to vote
  • ●  Elections – Mallory and Dianna are not Eligible to vote
  • ●  All council executive positions are open and all are welcome to run for any position. Nominations and election was held.All positions were acclaimed: Chair – Cari Mistry
    Co-Chair (Vice) – Bonnie Gerrits Secretary – Miranda O’Connor Treasurer – Narius Mistry

    Bonnie Gerrts declared a possible conflict of Interest – She is an employee of UGDSB

6. Lunch Committee Update

Administrative Details

  • ●  All Data entries must be resubmitted manually – very time consuming
  • ●  Options will be sent out to Parents via the UG Connect App on Friday, September 20th and selections will be due on Sunday, September 29th.
  • ●  First week of Quesada will be skipped
  1. Future Projects Christmas FairChristmas Fair committee Sign up sheet was passed around
    Date: Saturday, Dec 7th (as per availability with Santa) from 09:00 – 14:00 Vendors in Gym, with a silent Auction in the middle, Bake sale, jolly jar, games, crafts room
    Miranda to share details and contacts from last year
    Megan to contact Santa and confirm date – currently a tentative booking Cari to post dates and info on Social Media

    Spring Fair
    Date of Thursday, June 4th approved by council. Organizing committee Sign up sheet was passed around

  2. PIC – Parent Involvement committee
    Meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 30th
  3. New Business
    Spirit Wear – to be discussed at the October meetingHoliday Fundraiser – possible cookie dough, poinsettias etc. – would like to coincide with the holidays – to be discussed at the October meeting

Meeting adjourned at 20:05
Next meeting: Tuesday, October 8th 18:30 – 20:00 Minutes taken by Kristi Bhogal

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