Principal’s Message – April 23, 2021

Posted April 23, 2021

Generally speaking, it has been a good first full week of remote learning.  Teachers have been telling me that their students are more confident in Google Meets and in accessing materials more easily on the Classroom.  We know and appreciate the help and support you are giving your children behind the scenes to make this happen.

I had a lot of fun popping into our K to grade 4 classrooms this week to talk about kindness and “how to fill a bucket” by doing and saying kind things.  The students were so attentive and demonstrated excellent digital citizenship by muting their mics when others were speaking and raising their hands when they had something to say.  I look forward to sharing another kindness story with them in the coming week.

At the end of March I emailed all parents about our Child Abuse Prevention programs for all students in grades 1 to 8.  Many classes completed these prior to the April break, however, some classes may be presenting them in the next few weeks.  Classroom teachers will be doing the presentations from grades 1-6.  Our CYC, Jackie Smith, will be visiting our intermediate classes to deliver the program.

Just a note that in May teachers will be doing the “Human Development and Sexual Health” component of our Health Curriculum.  Your child’s teacher will be sharing a letter on the Google Classroom which outlines the curriculum expectations that will be covered for your child’s grade.  Please speak to your child’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns.

A reminder to parents who have requested paper packages that they will be printed on Monday morning and available for pick-up Monday to Thursday between 9am and 2pm.  If you have things to drop off, please put them in our “drop off” bin located beside the “pick-up” bin.  If you have them labelled with your child’s name and teacher, I will scan them to the teacher for you.

As always, if you have any question or concerns please feel free to to email me at [email protected]  

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