Principal’s Message – October 22, 2021

Posted October 22, 2021

It has definitely been a week with some challenges as we are dealing with our first Covid cases at Spencer.  Thank you to the parents we contacted about picking up their children.  If you didn’t get a call to pick up your child, your child’s class has not been impacted (although siblings of students in the classes that were impacted have also been sent home.)  All COVID related updates are posted to our school website regularly.  Any questions can be directed to Public Health.

Thank you to all our parents who attended our virtual School Council meeting on Tuesday.  We are exploring a Spirit Wear campaign and are investigating some more fundraising ideas to support the school.  We are fortunate to have this amazing parent community.

As a community, we are always striving to make our schools more inclusive and welcoming for all students.  Part of this work is looking at our practices around holidays and celebrations.  With Halloween around the corner we have been doing some work with our students to understand that some people are unable to participate due to religion, culture and/or socio-economic status.  Halloween can be a day that excludes others from school.  We have been engaging in conversations about cultural appropriation, recognizing that a person’s culture is part of their identity and not a costume (e.g., cowboys and Indians, gypsies, black-face, Day of the Dead, etc.)  Costumes based on cultural appropriation reinforce negative stereotypes. We also realize that this is a day that many of our students who do celebrate look forward to. These discussions have been rich and insightful.  

So…what are we doing about Halloween?  We are allowing appropriate costumes, black and orange, or wear your regular clothes to school on Thursday, October 28th.  We are having a regular school day with any classroom activities planned around the theme of autumn, rather than Halloween.  We are not awarding points for dressing up as this can feel punitive rather than fun for those who can’t participate.  

For those wishing to wear a costume:

  • Due to Covid restrictions, please make sure that your child can independently get in and out of their costumes.  
  • As we are already wearing face masks as directed by Public Health, no additional masks (we want our students to be able to breathe.)
  • No weapons of any sort.
  • Nothing with gratuitous violence (think of our smallest kiddos)
  • No costumes based on cultural appropriation.
  • Costumes must be in line with our school dress code.
  • Avoid sending the props that come with some costumes. Students will not have access to the building on Friday and we don’t want them missing a piece of their costume if they are trick-or-treating.

We hope that all families have a good weekend.  

A reminder that next Friday is a PD Day and the school will be closed to students.

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