Take the “sting” out of Papercut

Posted November 7, 2018

Introducing PaperCut, our new Printing Management software. Used to help manage our Printing and Copying charge backs.  This software offers greater visibility of paper use across the Board.  This is a new system for us at the Media Centre and needed as we have reach over 550  accounts and continue to grow. Papercut allows TJRC and schools to  accurately monitor printing services and be pro-active in supporting UGDSB green initiative.

Launched in September the process is simple to use but there can be some hiccups on your first try. When visiting the Media Centre

sign in to a Computer or Photocopier using your computer login  (Name & Password) , you will be assigned to a printing group (School or Department)-That is it.

New to UGDSB?  Please speak to Media staff before attempting so we can have you properly assigned to the correct group.


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