Online Learning & Copyright FAQ’s

Posted September 4, 2020


Copyright law applies equally regardless of media format or distribution method. This means that the sharing of a pdf online is governed by the same rules as sharing physical copies. As far as the law is concerned your physical classroom is the same as your digital classroom.

It is the policy of the Upper Grand District School Board to comply with the Fair Dealing Guidelines as developed by the Council of Ministers of Education Canada (CMEC) Copyright Consortium. The fair-dealing provision in the Copyright Act permits the use of short excerpts of copyright-protected work for educational purposes. It does not permit educators to copy consumables or entire textbooks.

If educators copy or upload materials, they need to know the limits of fair dealing. Please use the resources below to determine if fair dealing applies.

  1. Decision Tool:

Educators, before using copyright-protected work in your physical or digital classroom, run your scenario through the Fair Dealing Decision Tool @

This tool was designed to help educators determine if the material they intend to use is permitted under fair dealing.

  1. Resources

To learn more about Fair Dealing please read the documents below.

3. Subscription Streaming Services

 Copyright Matters! 4th Edition states that “Showing movies from subscription services in the classroom is governed by the terms of the agreement between the subscriber and the subscription service. If the agreement provides that use is limited to ‘personal’ or ‘household’ use, for example, then classroom use is not permitted.”

Educators are responsible for reading and complying with the terms they have agreed to.



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