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3D Printing

What is 3D Printing? A printing process that makes three dimensional objects from digital models. 

Where can I learn about 3D printing?  For a full list of resources available through Terry James please consult out 3D Printing Catalogue . For further training on 3D modeling & printing we recommend exploring the tutorials and examples on Tinkercad Learn and Thingiverse Education 

What Can I Print? Any object that will fit on the print bed. However, whatever you print, it is worth asking yourself a few questions:

  1. Why am I printing it?
  2. Can I use this object?
  3. Does it serve a purpose?
  4. Can I improve on the design?
  5. What are the benefits of printing this object rather than buying something similar?
  6. How does this promote inquiry?

What is that cost? All 3D print jobs will be charged to the appropriate GL. For more information about pricing and chargebacks please visit the TJRC Media Centre Chargeback Pricing page.

Small $3.00-$5.00
Medium $5.00-$10.00
Large $10.00 & Up
*Exact pricing will be calculated before work is printed

Will you print it for me? TJRC staff will assist with printing and offer assistance with modeling. The expectation is that the individual who is printing remains in the Centre during the print. For more information speak with a TJRC staff member.

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