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Terry James Resources Centre

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Media Centre Chargeback Pricing

*All resources are charged back to the individual staff members school, department or program GL Account*

Printing, Copy & Paper Pricing   Laminate  Pricing
B&W Copy $0.05 Hard Laminate Letter (one sheet) $0.30
Colour Copy $0.25 Hard Laminate Legal (one sheet) $0.35
Loose Paper $0.03 Hard Laminate Menu (one sheet) $0.65
Bristol Board $0.50 Box – Letter Laminate $28.00
Poster $1.00 per foot Box- Legal Laminate $37.00
Box- Menu Laminate $64.00
Media Supplies Pricing   Media Center Creations Price
Bindings $0.20 Reading Log Book $2.50
Rings $0.20 Le Lieu Books $13.00
Velcro Dots $0.90 per foot Bookmarks $0.20
Velcro Dot Roll $62.00
Velcro Tape (per foot) $0.45  3D Print Small $3.00-$5.00
Velcro Tape Roll $32.00  3D Print Medium $5.00-$10.00
Magnetic Tape (per foot) $0.67  3D Print Large $10.00+
Magnetic Tape Roll $134.55  Custom work & pricing available upon request