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How to Send in Material

Please ensure the following steps are completed  before you send materials to the Cataloguing Centre:

1) Stamp each one of your items with your library’s property stamp.

2) Affix the item barcode (starts with a zero), to the front of the book. The best location is the upper left hand corner of the cover, placed vertically to minimize interference with the title. Not too close to the spine so that barcode is not damaged when opening and closing the book. Those schools that already place the barcode on the back cover should continue to do so. 

3) Identify items according to the desired call number type before they are sent to the Cataloguing Centre.

Especially important is to identify the following: different types of fiction (YA vs. F) and Christmas and holiday books (easy fiction vs non-fiction).

If you have purchased multiple copies of fiction titles to use for novel sets, then it’s important to identify them as such. When adding barcodes to  novel sets, ensure that the barcodes are in numeric order.

Please note that the Dewey numbers assigned to non-fiction items are determined by the Cataloguing staff based on library standards.

4) Do not use oversize boxes. They are very difficult for the Courier and the Cataloguing staff to handle. Medium to smaller boxes are perfectly fine to use.

Ensure shipping labels read:

TO: Cataloguing Centre, Guelph Board Office

From: Your school name

Indicate number of boxes shipped (eg. 1/1)

5) When ready to ship to Cataloguing Department send an email to “Board Courier” with subject link “pick-up.”

Please include full instructions – number of boxes, name of school, pick -up location and delivery location.