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What Can I Send In?

Books and resources purchased from library and school budgets including but not inclusive to book fairs, parent council funding and special grants are all permitted. We will consider items that are donated or used however we will only catalogue  these items that have been published less than 10 years ago.

We reserve the right to refuse cataloging requests. Donated materials should be reviewed according to the Provision of Learning Resources just like any other resources you purchase for your library. You have a responsibility to reject donations that are not relevant to the curriculum or are not appropriate for the school community.

Advanced Copies/Uncorrected Proofs/Galley Proofs

Since an uncorrected proof/advanced reading copy is not the final published version of a book, these items will not be catalogued. DO NOT SEND THEM IN. 

Rush items

What qualifies as a RUSH item request?

A small number of items that are needed urgently for classroom teaching or for a special program that is being offered (e.g. Battle of the Books)

Items that are not considered RUSH material:

Any item not needed urgently for classroom instruction or a special program

The latest book of a popular series etc.

These items can be circulated via circulation envelopes until proper cataloguing is done


Prior to sending in items contact Sandra Knapp for approval.

If approval is given address the request to Sandra Knapp with “RUSH Request” written on the mailer.