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Movie Nights

Copyright & Movie Nights/Fundraisers for Schools

The Canadian copyright law changed in Nov 2012 to allow schools to show feature films during the regular school
day without the need for any additional license.

This new legislation does not cover movie nights and fundraisers even if
no admission is charged. Schools have three options for hosting movie nights.

1. THE FREE OPTION ‐ Choose movies on Learn360
The board has purchased a feature film license to have certain feature films available on Learn360. You can use any of
the films on Learn360 for movie nights and you can charge admission and keep 100% of the proceeds. The producers
covered by Learn360 includes Alliance, Warner Bros, and Paramount. A full list of available movie titles is listed on Learn360 under Menu (to left of Learn360 logo) – Criterion on Demand.

Learn360 Tips

List of  Criterion Pictures Educational License Package

Examples of Films  for Elementary Movie Nights

Paramount Pictures- Wonderpark, Sherlock Gnomes

eONe Films- Box Trolls, Free Birds, Escape from Planet Earth, Mirror Mirror

Warner Bros.- The Lego movie, Pokemon, Aquaman, Fantastic Beasts, Smallfoot, Paddington

You may also search the Criterion on Demand website Any of the films listed on the Canadian site can be shown for a movie night if you have a legally obtained copy (I.E purchased physical DVD, rented, etc)

2. THE COST OPTION ‐ Producers not covered by Learn360
You need to purchase a special license to show feature films not covered by the Learn360 feature film license ‐ this
includes Disney, Pixar, Columbia, Sony, Universal, Dreamworks and MGM. A special license will cost approximately $250.00 for older
feature films and up to $350 for new releases.

3. THE OTHER COST OPTION – Pre‐release movies
There are two collectives that offer licenses for showing pre‐release feature films in schools for special events. A prerelease
film is a film that is still playing in movie theatres and has not yet been released on DVD.

1. Criterion Pictures/Learn360 ( Alliance, Warner Bros, Paramount)
CONTACT: Debbie Rains   1‐800‐565‐1996

2. Audio Cine Films (Disney, Pixar, Columbia, Sony, Universal, Dreamworks and MGM)
CONTACT: Jean‐Francois Cormier   1‐800‐289‐8887

Questions? Contact Jordan Graham, Library & Media Services  519-822-4420  x550