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Reconciling TJRC Chargebacks

All supplies used at TJRC are ‘chargebacked’ to the appropriate school, department, or program. Chargebacks are completed every month.  Records are now available online to assist administration with budgeting records.

How to use the site:

How to look up Media Chargebacks

  1. To log in visit the Terry James Chargeback Site and enter the username and password.  If it is your first time logging in you will need to contact the Terry James Library for the username and password.



2. Once logged in, search by budget number, school name or program name and review detailed records of usage and billings.




3. Administration and office coordinators can also run date specific reports.  Totals are downloaded into an excel spreadsheet to assist with reconciling monthly reports.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Erin Bloemberg 


How To look up Print & Copy Chargebacks

1.Sign into your Google Drive- Team Drive-OC Chargebacks (Please contact Erin Bloemberg if you wish to join group)



2. Click on Current School year


3. Select Copy Folder- Scroll to Find School /Dept


4. Repeat process with Print Folder