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What is a Learning Commons

A Library Learning Commons is a shift in thinking of a school library as a place filled with books to a discovery centre that emphasizes people doing rather than things.  Across North America the term Library Learning Commons is being used to reinvent school libraries. Library Learning Commons is a collection of physical resources and a place to go to create new knowledge.

What it is not

A “Quiet Place”

A Book Only Place

A Storage Space

The Upper Grand District School Board has an initiative that students are at the Centre of Learning. A shift in teaching practices has fueled library renovations.  Physically altering the space alters the mindset of what the purpose of the room is used for—to make it student centered.  The space and the furniture is meant to be flexible, comfortable and inviting. Makerspaces are an integral park of the Library Learning Commons and helped shaped the evolution. A Makerspace allows learning by doing and can be anything from arts and crafts to robotics and 3D printers. The goal of any Makerspace is to ‘make makers’ that learn to problem solve, think critically, and cooperate with their peers.

For further information on transforming School Libraries into Learning Commons please see Leading Learning

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