Follow up to blog “Thank you and #getoutside”

Posted October 14, 2018

This is a follow up to my Blog “Thanks and #getoutside” inspired by the article below that was sent to me by a teacher.

Just a short thought really, with the purpose of providing more information on the importance of children spending time in Nature (one of my more important beliefs) so that parents (and teachers) will find ways to spend more time with their children outside, and/or encourage their children to play and learn outside (I do know many of you do).

Enjoy the article. And, I would like to know from you (email thoughts to [email protected]) why you think children spend less time outside or even why you as a parent may not encourage your children to be outside or walk to school more.

As a “walking” school, we wonder why parents are driving their child(ren) to school, for instance, as opposed to walking.


Mr. Keesmaat

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