Increase the Kindness Week(Anti – Bullying Week)!

Posted November 17, 2018

As we all continue to build our school community, we strive to be the best we can be by always putting forth our best effort towards excellence.  I can honestly say I am very proud of all of your children and the staff here at Taylor Evans PS.

The week of November 19th – 23rd is Anti-Bullying Awareness Week!  Here is what we are doing to #increasethekindness

  1. posters and announcements for Anti-bullying week.

2) Classes brainstorm on chart paper – ways to be kind (and also ways to stop bullying) – chart paper to be displayed in the front foyer and upstairs foyer

Chart papers will be collected Friday to display – Classes develop a pledge and display on their door

3) Wednesday – Colour House Kick Off assembly – Dress like a rainbow day

4) Thursday – Pink Shirt/ Wear Pink Day

5) Kindness Cards – teachers will receive these at the beginning of the week Write to a person to thank them for being kind

You can support by talking to your children about Bullying, what it is and who they can talk to about it. If we don’t know then we can’t help!

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