End of June Newsletter

Posted June 24, 2019

Important Dates to Note:

Thursday, June 27th – Medications will come home in your child’s backpack

Wednesday, August 28th, 2019

✏ Office Open for New Student Registrations

Tuesday September 3th, 2019

✏  FIRST Day of School

Wednesday, September 12th, 2019

✏ School Council Meeting 7pm

Check the website for dates and news after August 26th

A Message from the Office

As usual we have some staff changes for the fall:

We welcome Mrs. Hogg, Mrs. Cook, Mrs. DeSantis, and Mr. Cutz who will be joining our staff for September. Miss West, Mrs. Gibson, and Mrs. Payne, and Mrs. Morioka will be leaving as their LTO assignments have been completed. Thank you so much for all you have done!

Mrs. Pogany and Mrs. Messmar are moving to new assignments at other schools!

We also say farewell to Mrs. Perrett who is retiring this June! The staff, students and community thank her for all of her years of dedication.

Thank you, also, parents and guardians for being part of the team, working with us and supporting your child! It truly takes a village!

To keep learning happening over the summer – READ, COUNT, ADD, SUBTRACT, PLAY OUTSIDE – notice math, reading and art in the community and on your outings. Take your child grocery shopping!  Have them help around the home with jobs and chores. Show your child how you use reading and math in everyday life! Visit your local Library Branch, Green space (including the Taylor Evans Forest!), Humane Society, river, etc. See the June Newsletter for more math ideas https://www.ugdsb.ca/tevans/2019/06/03/june-2019-newsletter/

Sincerely and best wishes for a safe and active summer,

Mr. Gouk and Mr. Keesmaat


School Council Message

It has been my pleasure to be on Parent Council for 8 years and serve as Chair for 6.  I would like to thank Council for being involved, supportive and committed to your child’s school career.  In collaboration, we created positive reinforcement for inclusiveness and diversity through our Fundraising and Community Building Events while setting goals and seeing through our school needs and initiatives.  As I move forward and pass the torch on to a new Council Chair, I send positive vibes to Parent Council for years to come.

See the full report here and where the money went  this year! https://www.ugdsb.ca/tevans/2019/06/13/2019-school-council-chair-report/

Yours in health,

Rose Blacklock, Chair

Class Lists

In keeping with privacy legislation and to keep our children safe, the Upper Grand District School Board will not publicly post class lists or make class lists available to parents. This means that students will find out their teacher’s name for next year when they arrive on September 4, 2018. Similar to last year, students will gather at the back of the school on the first day, where they will meet their teacher. In the event of rain, students will gather in the gymnasium and meet their teacher.


Congratulations to all our Grade 8 Graduates. Our school community wishes you “All the Best!” for your High School years and beyond.

Taylor Evans Email Notifications

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Visit:  www.ugdsb.on.ca/CASL

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Follow us on twitter @taylorevansps

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 Taylor Evans PS

271 Stephanie Drive, Guelph


A Lunch/Yard Supervisor

Hours of work

10:15 – 11:15 and /or

12:25 to 1:25 pm

60 or 120 Minutes per day – Every school day

Supervising students in the classroom during lunch then out in the school yard

Rate: $14.00/hr (includes vacation pay)

A current Police Record Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening is required prior to starting work

For more information contact:

Alan Gouk – Vice Principal

519-766-4544 x 224





Looking Ahead

Before you know it, we will be hearing back-to-school advertisements on radio and television and receiving shopping flyers filled with school supplies. The following information may be helpful for you to make decisions when that time comes. We provide all students with supplies such as pencils, erasers, paper and notebooks through the school budget and it is not necessary for parents to purchase these. Other supplies such as scissors, glue sticks, rulers, markers and crayons are in all classrooms to be shared among students. Some children prefer to have their own supplies to keep in their desks. If you choose to purchase items for your child, we recommend the following:


Grades 1, 2, 3 

extra pencils and erasers                        soft pencil case

pencil sharpener (optional)                     pencil crayons (Gr. 2 & 3)

Labelled reusable water bottle                Indoor shoes                             water-based markers

Kleenex                                                1 glue stick per term



Grades 4 – 8   ***Please Label All of Your Supplies***

Kleenex                                    calculator                      ruler

Binder with dividers                   soft pencil case             pencil crayons

1 pair of scissors                       headphones/ear buds     gym bag with gym clothes & deodorant

1 glue stick per term                  protractor                      reusable water bottle

7/8–Dudley lock for locker         binder paper

extra pencils, erasers, pens



Tentative Staff and classes for 2019-2020


Classroom Teachers:

KA: Meaghan Jones & Mrs. Kidd

KB: Taylor Kowch & Debbie Hasson

KC: Erin Fennema & Stacey Houle

KD: Jennifer Cook

1: Kim Kelterborn

1: Cathie Moynihan

1/2: Kathy Sickle

2: Melanie Stevens/ Ashleigh Cass

2/3: Kal Marshall

3: Jacqueline Coniglio

3/4: Robyn Tavascia

4/5: Stanley Cutts

4/5 Rachel Cameron

5/6: Marcy Dubuc

5/6: Melissa Roth

7: Rick Morrow

7/8: Carrie Zamora

8: Terri Sambol

Special Education classes: Leta Vos and Lisa Cornish

Core French: Lisa Faieta & Terri Sambol

Planning Teachers: Tara Kelly, Ashleigh Cass, Alan Gouk, Sarah Hogg, Luciana DeSantis

Resource Teachers:

Julie Goodwin

Jane Ormond

Alan Gouk


Sandy Beedie

Teacher Librarian:

Sue Vaz


Marcela Bota

Leon Bota

Office Staff:

Marilyn Priest

Wendy Davidson


Ken Keesmaat (P)

Alan Gouk (VP)


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