October 2019 School Council Minutes

Posted November 4, 2019

TEPS School Council Meeting Minutes

From – October 10, 2019

Voting Members in Attendance for meeting

Name Present   Name Present
Akter, Majida     Nasswetter, Katie X
Dales, Rachel X   Sinclair, Susan X
Hammond, Jackie X   Turnbull, Caroline X
Hocken, Jodi     Vella, Kelly X
Hutchinson, Melynda X   Werner, Carly  

Other Attendees: Ken Keesmaat, Alan Gouk, Sarah McCaig, Amy Madan, Ruth VanLoon, Nidhi Thakur


Other Regrets: Andrea Burke, Andrea Galda, Sylvia Gerharel, Scott Grasley, Jenn Holland, Alan King, Rami Kridli, Jeff MacDonald, Sandy Mansfield, Richard Martin, Sandra Martin, Cathy Moynihan, Melanie Stevens,


Review & Approval of Minutes ●        September 2019 minutes approved



Council topics ·         There is still space to be a voting member. Criteria is attendance at most meetings, missing a maximum of 2.

Action Item: If anyone else would like to be a voting member, please contact Katie to be added to the list

School Report School Updates

·         Great moments in learning – twitter updates daily

·         Council Members request for more updates – i.e. picture day, school calendar not syncing (Ken to fix)

·         Bullying Prevention Plan in place – student survey for grades 4-8 in Spring, plan updated annually, posted online by Sept 30th, Ken is looking for volunteers to be on the committee and review/update the plan.

·         EQAO – Results in and positive, generally consistent averages or trending higher; staff use data to determine plans


Treasurer’s Report Update:

·         Melynda presented annual fundraising proceeds, together with teacher’s classroom allowance use in 2018

·         Update on last year’s spending: $1000 music fund was actually used last year to buy ukuleles, so the fund needs to be adjusted.  Maintenance should be funded for the future for guitars and ukuleles. Suggested $400 a year for maintenance is approved.

·         We don’t manage the $500 parent council fund from the school board. We could use it to fund tea and tears.

Action Item: Next meeting decide what to do with remaining $600 for music and discuss future fundraising options


Fundraising Update ·         Approximately $7000 has come in cash so far, students have until October 15th.

·         More students than last year chose not to sell chocolate bars, instead of having parents sign the form, they just dropped them off at the office.

·         Approximately $1000 in donations, some confusion with how the donation vs chocolate bar sales works

·         Note from Treasurer: When counting money, using counting sheets/expense sheets located in the blue folder and sign the paperwork so deposits are more accurate and Melynda knows who to contact if there’s a discrepancy

·         Should consider whether to run next year, or find a replacement fundraiser

·         Idea for future: Zehrs, Indigo have school fundraisers to look into, also Value Village does a clothing drive for fundraising


Other Business Other Topics

·         Council could help organize the first day of school; or potentially advocate for a pilot project. If we’re interested, we could draft a letter regarding our proposal for Ken to send to the Superintendent


Next Meeting Wednesday, November 13th @ 7:00 pm  


School Council Executive 2019-2020:

  • Chair – Jackie Hammond
  • Treasurer – Melynda Hutchinson
  • Secretary – Katie Nasswetter
  • Fundraiser Coordinator – Kelly Vella




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