November 2019 School Council Minutes

Posted December 10, 2019

TEPS School Council Meeting Minutes

From – November 13, 2019

Voting Members in Attendance for meeting

Name Present   Name Present
Akter, Majida     Nasswetter, Katie X
Dales, Rachel X   Sinclair, Susan  
Hammond, Jackie X   Turnbull, Caroline X
Hocken, Jodi     Vella, Kelly X
Hutchinson, Melynda X   Werner, Carly X

Other Attendees: Ken Keesmaat, Alan Gouk, Cathy Moynihan,


Other Regrets: Andrea Burke, Andrea Galda, Sylvia Gerharel, Scott Grasley, Jenn Holland, Alan King, Rami Kridli, Jeff MacDonald, Sandy Mansfield, Richard Martin, Sandra Martin, Cathy Moynihan, Melanie Stevens, Amy Madan, Ruth VanLoon, Nidhi Thakur



Review & Approval of Minutes ●        October 2019 minutes approved



School Report School Updates

·       Great moments in learning: kindergarten math talk example given;

·       Grade 3 & 6 EQAO testing results are out – Ken provided highlights, and samples of questions that need work and examples of grade 3 & 6 questions.

·       Lead testing issue – the school was identified in testing results from Jan 2019 and one tap exceeded acceptable levels (at 5.1 instead of 5, and went down to 1.1 once flushed. This faucet was in the mailroom, not used by students.

·       Budgeting process is underway; school budgets have generally been cut by 10%.

·       Next week is anti-bullying, or increase the kindness, focusing on stories about inclusion and kindness. Also the school board has a kindness campaign for online.

·       Prime Minister’s awards for teaching excellence – now is the time to nominate staff

·       Fundraising with the Guelph Storm on December 29th – choir is singing and tickets through the school are $18.


Treasurer’s Report No updates this meeting: bank statement arrives same day as meeting, update next meeting.


Outstanding Action Item from previous meeting: Next meeting decide what to do with remaining $600 for music this year

Fundraising Update Chocolate Bar Fundraiser:

·       Last year net $8000, year before $9000, just waiting for final numbers but should be similar.

·       Challenges with cash coming in – online/cheque is easier and should be encouraged.

·       Next year should give more time to choose option not to participate, and give boxes to oldest child or only instead of youngest and only.

·       Should consider a different brand next year

·       Volunteer team for fundraising

Upcoming Fundraisers/Events:

·       Danceathon: canvassing for prizes needed in early Spring and need a coordinator with availability during the day – $3366 raised last year

·       Small donation request at movie night: April 23rd

·       $2 fun days: i.e. hat day, gum day, simple and fun

·       Family Fun Night: June 4th 2020, 5:00 for food, 5:30 – 7:30 for event

o   Basket fundraiser again, with tickets to purchase

o   Games free or paid? Could get 10 free tickets, then pay for more


Next Meeting Wednesday, December 11th @ 7:00 pm  


School Council Executive 2019-2020:

  • Chair – Jackie Hammond
  • Treasurer – Melynda Hutchinson
  • Secretary – Katie Nasswetter
  • Fundraiser Coordinator – Kelly Vella




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