School Council Fundraising Drive!

Posted December 7, 2020

RE: School Fundraising 2020-2021

Dear TEPS Parents and Guardians, 

The TEPS Parent Council would like to thank you for participating in our past fundraising campaigns. Selling chocolate bars last year alone raised about $ 6000 for our school. 

This year, we’ve used some of last year’s fundraising to fund the purchase of needed school resources, including: 

  • Book sets for intermediate students 
  • Classroom Projectors (3), 
  • Kindergarten Math and Science Supplies 
  • French teaching supplies 
  • Computer mice for primary students 
  • A classroom speaker 
  • Dance Program for Phys Ed
  • Toboggans, Outdoor Mini Hockey Sticks and Nets for Phys Ed

With 2020 being a difficult year for many of us, Council didn’t want to ask parents to sell chocolate bars. But we are asking for donations from families if possible. We are hoping to fund: 

  • Technology needs; especially chrome books for primary, junior and intermediate classes;
  • Data projectors
  • ELMOs – (an overhead projector that allows for sharing reading, student solutions for math, writing, etc)
  • Robotics/programming for primary and junior students;

Ways to donate:

Families can choose multiple denominations. If you would like a tax receipt – please click the option for a tax receipt!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to Parent Council at:  

[email protected]



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