December 2022 News

Posted December 6, 2022

2022 December News

Notes from the Office!

Wow! It is hard to believe we are already into December! It is getting cold and snowy! Please help us support your child in developing responsibility! Remind them to come dressed for the weather (clothing labeled!) and outside learning and their materials for the day. This should include lunches, water bottles, and this time of year – a dry pair of socks!

Continue to complete the COVID Screening for your child(ren) on a daily basis. Sometimes the information changes! Thanks to those of you who are able to keep your children at home when they are ill. It is the expectation that if your child is well enough to come to school, that they are well enough to learn and participate in outdoor recesses.

Please remember to follow us on twitter @taylorevansps, calendar, and check the website for information updates.

Hello Eagle Families!

Our Students’ Council are leading a holiday charity drive, which they are calling the TOYS AND TOILETRIES drive.

From December 5 – 13, we are collecting donations of NEW and UNWRAPPED toys and toiletries.  Most needed items include shampoo/conditioner, toothbrushes, baby wipes and diapers.

All donations will benefit the PARKWOOD GARDENS NEIGHBOURHOOD ASSOCIATION.  So everything goes directly back into our local West-End community.

If your family is able to send in a donation, it is greatly appreciated!


Little Jammers Ukulele program will start in the new year for Grades 1 – 6. If you would like to have your child participate and cost is a barrier, please contact Mr. Keesmaat in the office or your child’s teacher asap! We have money to support this music club! 

Pizza Registration for term 2 is open and closes on January 8th, 2023

Kindergarten Registration

Please help spread the word! Is my child eligible to go to school? 

2023-2024 School Year:

  • Children who were born in 2019 may attend Junior Kindergarten (JK).
  • Children who were born in 2018 may attend Senior Kindergarten (SK).
  • If your child attended JK in the Upper Grand District School Board you do not have to re-register for SK

How do I register my child? Visit the Kindergarten Information Page ( for additional information about Kindergarten, the programs we offer and registration information.

Families may also come to the Taylor Evans office to register using our chrome book. You will need to bring the following documents:

  • Proof of birth date (Birth Certificate)
  • Proof of address (Hydro/telephone bill, etc.) 
  • Immunization record (Yellow card)


Wellness Works December 2022

December’s Umbrella Theme is Gratitude

Gratitude is not just “good manners” and it plays a significant role in overall wellbeing.  Gratitude can be expressed by a simple “thank you” but there are many other ways to nurture and identify gratitude.  Gratitude can happen in four ways:

  • NOTICE what it is that you are grateful for
  • THINK about why you are able to be grateful or why the thing you are grateful for is there
  • Identify how you FEEL about the things we are grateful for
  • DO express appreciation back “outwards”

Gratitude is not just about receiving, it is also about giving.  So what can you do with your child/ren or even yourself?

  • Point out the things you are grateful for and remember that modeling for your child/ren is a very powerful technique
  • When you are grateful make sure to point out why you feel grateful
  • Help your child/ren find gratitude in the things they may take for granted such as something in nature, or a simple meal
  • Encourage them to use their own areas of strength to give back and be helpful and cooperative with others
  • Notice accomplishments – even the smallest ones are something we can be grateful about
  • Have a gratitude wall or space on your fridge where everyone can write something they are grateful for – the whole family, visitors, friends. Seeing what others are grateful about is also quite powerful
  • Identify someone your child/ren is grateful to have in their life (e.g., an extended family member, an elder, a peer, a teacher, a principal, a counsellor) and encourage them to let that person know

Taking just a bit of time to identify gratitude can have an impact.  We are very grateful to all of the parents, guardians, elders, and caregivers who support our communities’ children and youth. 

Jenny Marino, Mental Health Lead

And the Wellness Works Committee


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