Food Drive for Chalmers Church

Posted December 8, 2019

We are continuing our food drive for Chalmers and are collecting items until Dec. 13th.

Donation Requests
• Small and large jars natural peanut butter or soy butter
• Cans of “no salt added” tomatoes
• Low sodium pasta sauce
• Cans of kidney beans, black beans and chickpeas
• Cans of low sodium soup
• Rice
• Pasta, elbow and spaghetti preferred
• Quinoa
• High fibre breakfast cereal
• Rolled oats and plain instant oatmeal
• Powdered milk, Soy and Rice Milk
• Canned salmon, tuna
• Tofu
• Tea
• Toilet paper
• Personal hygiene products- shampoo, soap, razors, feminine hygiene products, deodorant
• Laundry detergent (not liquid)-Tide pods are ideal as they portion well.
• Dish soap
• Can openers
• Cooking oil
• Salad dressing

Thank you for your kindness!


Food Drive

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