Victory Staff 2020-2021

Posted September 11, 2020

This year we welcome several new staff members to Victory Public School.  We are pleased to welcome Ms Schuter who will be teaching Grade ¾ French Immersion.  We would also like to welcome back Michelle Gillard and Lacey Batenchuk as ECEs.  We would also like to welcome Courtney Drewry as an ECE and Julie May as a Planning teacher.


Anderson, Carla Principal 223
Batenchuk, Lacey ECE  
Bowie, Chantelle EA  
Cadieux, Monique Grade  3/4 English 402
Cauley, Anne-Marie Grade 3 French 415
Chaarani, Aida Grade 1 / 2 French 438
Costello, Janine CYC  
Doyle, Erika Resource French 416
Drewry, Courtney ECE  
TBD Kindergarten French 409
Elrick, Pierre Grade 2 French 439
Ferris, Emily Resource, Planning 414
Gillard, Michelle ECE  
Grenier, Nicole Grade 1 French 408
Hambly, Leslie Office Coordinator 100
TBD Planning 442
Kelly, Andrea Grade 5/6 English 405
May, Julie Planning 419
McCoy, Jason Grade 2/3 English 411
Mifsud, Leslie Kindergarten – English 404
Pagnan, Kelly Grade 1/2 English 421
Rocha, Steve Custodian 418
Sabinsky, Heather Planning and Library 412
Schuster, Jillian Grade 3 / 4 French 436
Sproule, Kristy Kindergarten French 410
Stephens, Diana Core French/Planning 440
Vaughan, Olivia Grade 4 French 406
Vetteretto, Marzia Custodian  

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