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Posted December 5, 2021


Screen Shot 2021 12 05 At 11.11.41 AMPARENTS & GUARDIANS:

  • Please look for library books belonging to Victory PS library at home. We seem to be missing many titles and believe they may have gone home during COVID times (over the past 2 years). If you find one (or more), please return it. Your child can bring it back to school, no questions asked and we will check it in. Thank you! 🙂

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  • Makerspace opens! In November we opened up an additional part of our Library known as Makerspace. This is an area that promotes collaboration among students where they can create, discuss, play, and figure out solutions through problem solving challenges together. 
    • We have been exploring puzzles, Lego, wooden blocks, and other interesting materials over the last 3 weeks. 
    • The energy and excitement that this space has brought about is indescribable. Students and educators alike look forward to their Library time each week, as they can explore the Makerspace after they have completed their book exchange/shopping. Please see our photos this month for a visual representation of this space.
    • We also created a Gratitude Wall to go along with our Anti-Bullying week at the end of the month of November 2021. Students have been noticing acts of kindness and thoughtfulness throughout the school and putting these thoughts to paper on the mural or on Pink Shirts that are cut out and posted on the wall. Screen Shot 2021 12 05 At 11.11.17 AM


  • Hanukkah books have been on display this Month (and are being checked out by both students and educators) as we celebrate and bring awareness to the wonderful cultures in our school and community. 


  • Library Learning Commons Experts
    • Each week our Library Learning Commons continues to be organized and brought back to life thanks to our student Library Learning Commons Experts! Thank you all for your hard work and dedication in running our library. We couldn’t do it without you!


  • Media/Digital literacy PSA- With the holidays/winter school break coming up, our children will have more free time. Some things that are important to remember regarding screen time:
    • Model Healthy Electronic Use

    • Educate Yourself on Electronics

    • Create “Technology-Free Zones”

    • Set Aside Times to Unplug – cards, board games, books, and outside play are fun and healthy 🙂

    • Use Parental Controls

    • Explain Why You’re Limiting Screen Time

    • Ask for Your Child’s Passwords (see the link below for more information on this topic)

    • Encourage Other Activities

    • Make Screen Time a Privilege

    • Keep Your Child’s Bedroom Screen-Free

    • Watch WITH your child(ren). Enjoy traditional Holiday cartoons and movies if that is a part of your culture


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  • Upcoming in January: The Forest of Reading will begin! More information to come about this amazing Literacy Promotion program by the Ontario Library Association that Victory PS participates in annually. It’s all about the promotion of reading and enjoyment of reading!

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