October Newsletter, 2022

Posted September 28, 2022

Message From PrincipalPrincipal’s Message

It is hard to believe that the month of September has come and gone! The temperature in our building is more pleasant and our students are experiencing amazing learning opportunities both in the classroom and in the community. It was wonderful seeing so many families came out to Open House!  What a delight it was, watching so many excited little ones eagerly leading their parents around the school, introducing them to teachers and pointing out their works of art throughout the school.

We were also very thankful to have a number of parents come out to our first School Council meeting!  Council is already mapping out exciting events for the year ahead.  If you are interested please join us on the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm in the Learning Commons/Library.

Terry Fox Run

Friday our students participated in the Terry Fox School Run for cancer research!  Thank you to all who donated to this cause.   There is still time to donate! We will continue collecting donations online until Friday, September 30th.  Donate online now at our fundraising page at: http://www.terryfox.ca/VictoryPSGuelph
Together we can make a lasting difference!

Terry Fox


Help the UGDSB make positive change – complete the Student Census today!

The “UGDSB Counts Student Census” has launched for all Upper Grand District School Board students in grades Kindergarten-12. Participation in the Student Census will help the UGDSB make systemic changes that will create more equitable outcomes for all students.  A reminder that the Census survey closes on October 9, 2022.

Safety Patrols

Our street patrols will be trained (or re-trained) by Officer Sherry, our City of Guelph Police Safety Officer. Patrollers have been doing an excellent job of arriving on time at their posts and crossing families safely as they walk to school. We remind parents that our patrollers are on duty before and after school but not during nutrition breaks.  If you are walking your child to school please cross with the patrols.

Please also be conscious of signs indicating where you can and can’t park.  It is very difficult for patrols to see if the road is clear if cars are parked in the no parking areas.  Please also be aware that cars are not to park in the bus zone on either side of the street on the Powell side of the school.

Safety Patrol

 Hallowe’en Day ~Monday, October 31st

Our schools celebrate Halloween with costume dress up and/or black and orange. 

Costumes:  It is our responsibility to ensure that school community members avoid using identities and cultures as costumes. This includes appropriative costumes/cultural stereotypes (i.e. cultural garments), black/brown face, transphobic costumes (i.e. man dressed as a woman), body-shaming and objectifying costumes, and costumes that joke about situations that have caused harm (i.e. COVID pandemic). Such costumes perpetuate stereotypes and can cause harm that can further marginalize and oppress community members. 


Student Accident Insurance

This is a reminder that the student accident insurance forms were sent home during the first week of school.  If you require an additional form please contact Reliable Life at 1-800-463-5437, or www.insuremykids.com.

Booster Juice

Order forms for Booster Juice have gone home.  Booster Juice is a healthy option for part of a nutrition lunch.  The school does make a small amount on each order.  The money made will be used by the school to purchase required technology.

Booster Juice


Pizza orders have been collected and students will begin receiving pizza on Tuesday, Oct. 4th.  The proceeds from pizza orders this term will go toward a new playground for Victory!



Visiting the School

Please feel welcome to visit with us before school, during our breaks from instruction, or after school. When you enter the building, please go first to the main office on the second floor, sign our guest book and check in with Mrs. Wynne. If you would like an interview with a specific staff member, please make arrangements ahead of time. Remember to ring the bell and come in the Exhibition Street doors!


Fire Prevention Week -Oct.9-15

The Fire Prevention Week 2022 theme, “Fire Won’t Wait. Plan Your Escape,” promotes potentially life-saving messages that can mean the difference between life and death in a fire. Developing a home escape plan with all members of the household and practicing it regularly ensures that everyone knows what to do when the smoke alarm sounds and uses that time wisely to escape. We at Guelph Fire have included some valuable information brochures for your review. Should you have any questions with respect to fire safety, feel free to contact us at 519 763-8111 or [email protected]

Fire Prevention Week Community Event

Colouring Page Contest for students under Grade 3

Make a Home Escape Plan for students Gr. 3 and up

Extra-Curricular Sports & Clubs

Opportunities for students to participate in Clubs and Sports outside of the classroom have started. Mme Cauley and M Elrick have been running Soccer try-outs as weather permits.  Please ensure that your child has running shoes at school for PhysEd.

Soccer 2

Fond Farewell

We wished Mrs. Godreau a fond farewell on September 30th.  We will work hard to find a consistent person to fill the 0.5 Educational Assistant position until a permanent EA is placed with us.


Report a Bully – On-Line Reporting Tool

As part of our Safe Schools policy, the Upper Grand District School Board has launched an on-line tool that can be used to report incidents of bullying. Reports that are made through the web-site are forwarded to the Principal of the school for follow-up. The web address is:  https://webapps.ugdsb.on.ca/reportbullying/

Please also take a moment to review our updated Bully Prevention Plan that is located on our school website.

Report Bullying Tool


When you visit the school or pick up children, please don’t park on the school side of Clarke Street. You can park across the road at Exhibition Park. During school hours, vehicles should never drive onto the playground area.


Smoke–Free Environment

The Upper Grand DSB provides a smoke-free environment for its students, staff and others while on school Board property, in accordance with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act.  This policy refers to all forms of tobacco, and any processed form of tobacco that may be smoked, inhaled or chewed, including e-cigarettes.

Smudging is the tradition of using sacred smoke from sacred medicines (e.g., tobacco and sage) that forms part of the indigenous culture and spirituality.  Smudging is allowed in schools under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act.  Parents will be informed using the school’s usual forms of communication when smudging is going to occur in our school.  Participation by staff and students is optional in a smudging ceremony.


Pediculosis (Head Lice)

The presence of head lice continues to be a community problem. They do not cause disease and they don’t result from a lack of cleanliness, but they are certainly a nuisance.  The control of head lice requires the cooperative effort of parents, school personnel and health officials.  Parents are responsible for meeting their child’s personal well-being, health and safety needs.  This includes treating your child’s hair (if head lice have been found), checking for nits daily for two weeks after the treatment, and notifying the school that treatment has been carried out.


Victory Newsletter on the Web

In an effort to reduce the amount of paper we use we will continue to post our school newsletter on our school website. This newsletter and calendar will be available by the last Friday of each month at: www.ugdsb.on.ca/victory.

School Council Meeting Wednesday, October 5, 2022


School Council

PA Day -Monday, October 24th

Teachers will be participating in Workplace Violence Prevention Training and Progress Reports. There will be no school for students.

PD Day


Victory PS has signed up for the Ontario Schools Battery Recycling Challenge (OSBRC).  See link for details.

Parent Battery Letter 2022


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