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Course Selections

Course Selection is completed in February of every school year.

 It is very important that students, along with their parents, make informed choices so that their next year’s timetable is a reflection of the student’s abilities, interests and graduation requirements.  Students are encouraged to speak to teachers and guidance about any questions they have about courses.  The decision students make about their courses now, will determine what courses run next year and how our timetable looks.

Grade 8 Course Selections Due: Friday, February 14

Grade 9-12 Course Selections Due: Monday, February 24

Course offerings and course descriptions are available in myBlueprint. All course selections must be completed through myBlueprint (which is available through the ugcloud).

How do I find out more about course descriptions and offeringS?

Westside is offering the following courses next school year:      2020 2021 Courses Offered Chart

Course Descriptions by Subject Area

Other Resources

Westside Course Descriptions for Optional Grade 10 Courses PDF-23

Grade 11 Courses Offered By Pathway and Subject

Grade 12 Courses Offered By Pathway and Subject Area