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Hints for the Catalogue

To access the card catalogue select the WESTSIDE CATALOGUE button in the left-hand sidebar.

The best way to search the HIP Catalogue is by using the General Keyword search.This will search in all the indexes of the catalogue. (Subject, title, author, and series keywords)

To truncate (to shorten) a word use the (*) symbol. Example: bio* will pick up the words – bio, biographies, biography, biological, bionical, etc.

To view your personal account:

  1. Select the My account tab.
  2. Type in your student ID number from your ID card.

The screen will now display the number of items you have signed out, any requests that you have pending, and any fines you owe.

To renew an item on line:

  1. Follow the intstructions above.
  2. Select Items out.
  3. Check the box next to the item you want to renew.
  4. Press the renew button.