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Canadian and World Studies

Grade Code Course Outline Enhancement Fee?
10 CHV2O Civics  PDF-23
9 CGC1D Geography of Canada – Academic  PDF-23
9 CGC1P Geography of Canada – Applied  PDF-23
11 CGF3M Forces of Nature: Physical Processes and Disasters – University/College  PDF-23
11 CGG3O Travel & Tourism: A Regional Geographic Perspective
12 CGW4U World Issues: A Geographic Analysis – University  PDF-23
12 CGW4C World Issues: A Geographic Analysis – College  PDF-23
10 CHC2D Canadian History Since WW1 – Academic
10 CHC2P Canadian History Since WW1 – Applied  PDF-23
10 CHC2L Canadian History Since WW1 – Essential PDF-23
11 CHA3U American History – University  PDF-23
11 CHW3M World History to the End of the 15th Century – University/College  PDF-23
12 CHY4U World History Since the 15th Century – University  PDF-23
12 CHY4C World History: The West and the World – College  PDF-23
11 CLU3E Understanding Canadian Law – Workplace  PDF-23