The Rainbow Flag

Posted September 1, 2017

At Wellington Heights Secondary School we strive to create a learning environment where all students feel welcomed and supported. We try to build a community of staff and students who understand one another and look to each other for support.

Through various activities and speakers throughout the year we touch on topics such as: Ability, Ageism, Racism, Gender, Sexuality, Mental Health and Overall Wellness. By making our students aware of struggles others face we hope to raise awareness and understanding of others.  This is why we have chosen to fly the rainbow flag. The flag represents hope, diversity and pride in all of our differences. It is a symbol to our staff, students and community that all people are welcome here.

A world without empathy would be chaotic and uncivilized. We probably wouldn’t survive it. Empathy creates connections between people, bringing them together and helping to forge friendships and love. It makes us feel as if someone cares for us: without it we would likely feel vulnerable and lonely. Source:


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