Staff Presentation of the Long Term Accommodation Plan (LTAP) Final Report

Posted June 8, 2018

The Long Term Accommodation Plan (LTAP) Final Report (Draft) will be presented at the Business Operations Committee meeting on June 12, 2018. Pin The meeting starts at 7 pm in the boardroom at the Guelph Board Office, 500 Victoria Road N, Guelph.

The final report has considered the feedback received during the second phase of public engagement conducted throughout May. The LTAP Final Report includes a work plan outlining proposed short-term (1-5 yrs.) and long-term (6-10 yrs.) accommodation priorities. The report does not include any recommended changes to school programs or boundaries.

Please visit to see a copy of the final report. You may still provide feedback via the feedback button on the LTAP webpage. Feedback will be shared with the Trustees up until the Board meeting on June 26, 2018.

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