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Policies and Procedures in Changing Pathways

Crossover Material Grade 9 students who intend to change from one course type to another (e.g. from a grade 9 applied course to grade 10 academic or academic to applied) will be encouraged to complete additional course work called Crossover Material of up to 30 hours in order to demonstrate achievement of the learning expectations of the course they wish to enter.

Transfer Courses The purpose of transfer courses is to enable students who alter their post secondary plans to transfer from one type of course to another in Grades 10, 11, and 12 (e.g. the prerequisite for Grade 11 university preparation course in English is the Grade 10 Academic course in English). Transfer courses are designed to provide the knowledge and skills required to bridge the gap between two courses of different types. These courses will provide partial credits. The credits earned will qualify as optional credits towards the diploma requirements.

Courses with Similar Expectations
If two courses share a significant number of similar learning expectations, a credit will not be granted for the successful completion of both courses. For example, credit would not be granted for both the Grade 9 Applied English and the Grade 9 Academic English course. Therefore, students may not take both courses in the same discipline that contain many of the same learning expectations for credit.