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Staff Directory 2019-2020

All school staff can be contacted via email if you know their first and last names (provided below). Email addresses are formed “”, for example if the teacher were to be named John Doe.  Hyphenated names lose the hyphen.

Jennifer Meeker- Principal
Kevin Taylor- Vice-Principal

Mr. Karl Baber

Mr. Adam Barnard

Mrs. Shelley Bell – Head of Guidance

Ms. Davina Campbell – Office Co-ordinator

Mr. Neal Carriere

Mr. David Corcoran

Ms. Jennifer Cork

Mr. Robert Drost – Head of Athletics

Ms. Dorothy Dunbar – Educational Assistant

Mrs. Wendy Fernandes – Social Worker

Mr. David Forsyth-Head of Social Science ,History and Canadian World Studies

Mr. Justin Gibson

Mr. David Griffiths

Mr. Robert Hosken – Head of Business and Mathematics

Ms. Diane Johnson

Mr. Ken Kivell

Mr. Blair Klemp

Ms. Bridget Kosempel

Ms. Christiane Lopez

Mrs. Emily Lubbers-Teacher Librarian

Mr. Benjamin McCabe – Head of Special Education

Ms. Nichola McEwan – Head of Arts, Drama, Language and Music

Mr. Matthew McFarlane

Ms. Rebecca Moss

Mrs. Debbie Myers-  Administrative Office Assistant

Mr. Adam Norton- Head of English

Mrs. Joanne Parish- Educational Assistant

Mrs. Shirley Person –  Administrative Office Assistant

Mr. Anthony Qushair

Mr. Erick Rauser

Ms. Heather Reed

Mr. Cole Rooney

Mr. Brayden Scott

Mr. Gregory Senyshen

Ms. Stephanie Severn

Mr. Michael Skiperis

Mr. Jeffrey Snoddy

Mrs. Margaret Staniewski- Administrative Assistant to the Vice-Principal

Mr. Matthew Timberlake- Student Success Teacher

Ms. Kim Uhrig – Educational Assistant

Mr. Jeff Verbeek- Head of Technological Education

Ms. Camille Vinkovic

Mr. Glenn Wagner – Head of Science

Ms. Julie Wagner -Educational Assistant

Mr. Richard Wildeman