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Staff Directory 2019-2020

All school staff can be contacted via email if you know their first and last names (provided below). Email addresses are formed “[email protected]”, for example [email protected] if the teacher were to be named John Doe.  Hyphenated names lose the hyphen.

Jennifer Meeker- Principal
Kevin Taylor- Vice-Principal

Ms. Ayasha Aziz

Mr. Karl Baber

Mr. Adam Barnard

Mrs. Shelley Bell – Head of Guidance

Ms. Davina Campbell – Office Co-ordinator

Mr. Neal Carriere

Mr. David Corcoran

Ms. Jennifer Cork

Mr. Robert Drost – Head of Athletics

Ms. Dorothy Dunbar – Educational Assistant

Mrs. Wendy Fernandes – Social Worker

Mr. David Forsyth

Mr. Justin Gibson

Mr. David Griffiths

Mr. Robert Hosken – Head of Business and Mathematics

Ms. Diane Johnson

Mr. Ken Kivell

Mr. Blair Klemp

Ms. Bridget Kosempel

Ms. Christiane Lopez

Mrs. Emily Lubbers-Teacher Librarian

Mr. Benjamin McCabe – Head of Special Education

Ms. Nichola McEwan – Head of Arts, Drama, Language and Music

Mr. Matthew McFarlane

Ms. Rebecca Moss

Mrs. Debbie Myers-  Administrative Office Assistant

Mr. Adam Norton- Head of English

Mrs. Joanne Parish- Educational Assistant

Mrs. Shirley Person –  Administrative Office Assistant

Mr. Erick Rauser

Ms. Heather Reed-Head of Social Science ,History and Canadian World Studies

Ms. Charlotte Ristich

Mr. Brayden Scott

Mr. Gregory Senyshen

Ms. Stephanie Severn

Mr. Michael Skiperis- Head of Co-operative Learning

Mr. Jeffrey Snoddy

Mrs. Margaret Staniewski- Administrative Assistant to the Vice-Principal

Mr. Matthew Timberlake- Student Success Teacher

Ms. Kim Uhrig – Educational Assistant

Mr. Jeff Verbeek- Head of Technological Education

Ms. Camille Vinkovic

Mr. Glenn Wagner – Head of Science

Ms. Julie Wagner -Educational Assistant

Mr. Richard Wildeman