Diversity Data Survey

Posted March 27, 2019

The UGDSB is conducting a system-wide survey, to help the board understand the demographic makeup, diversity and ongoing needs of our student population. The sole purpose of this survey is to gain a better understanding of the students and families in our communities, so that the board can program effectively and provide the right supports for every student to achieve their full potential.

General info:

  • The online survey is voluntary and anonymous
  • The survey is open to all UGDSB staff, parents/guardians of students under Grade 4, and students in Grades 4-12+
  • A webpage has been set up with additional information and a Q&A at www.ugdsb.ca/diversity-data

Complete the parent survey:

Please complete the parent survey at www.ugdsb.ca/diversity-data between March 22 and April 18, 2019.

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