Parent Council Meeting Minutes – March 2019

Posted April 1, 2019

Willow Road Public School Parent Council Meeting

Minutes – March 21, 2019

  • Welcome & introductions: @ 3:45PM: Steve Viveiros (Principal), Kristin Alie(Vice-Principal), Josh Kearns-Smith(Chair), Kim Richer (Co-Chair), Hong Nguyen (Treasurer), James Gollinger (Secretary), Perpetual (Parent), Donna Hasket
  • Acceptance of Agenda:
    Motion – Josh, Second – Steve
  • Acceptance of Minutes:
    Motion – Josh,  Second – Steve
  • Principal’s Report:
      • theme of the month is the Environment:
        • planting on April 17
        • landscaping company will be working with Rotary Club to create outdoor seating in the senior area using armor stones and trees;
          • it will be installed over the summer as a memorial for Charlie Whitaker
          • a small plaque will be installed and bulbs will be planted to commemorate Charlie’s work in the community
        • planning has begun for next year;
          • administration will soon know how many kids and which teachers will be here next year
        • 40 junior students will go to Puslinch for a chess tournament
  • Treasure’s Report: No change since last meeting.  There is currently a balance of $1300 in our account.
  • Updates:
    • Diversity Day:
      • Date selection:
        • traditionally Diversity Day is in May or June
        • timing of the 50th anniversary and report cards limit options; early June/late May is best
        • run and read takes place on Tuesdays; ends by end of May
        • Tuesday, June 4 works for everyone
        • setup was a bit rushed last year, 5pm-7pm is the ideal time
      • Josh will reach out to contacts for donations; NoFrills, BunsMaster, Tim Hortons etc.
      • we’d like to do gift bags for volunteers like last year
    • 50th Anniversary:
      • food trucks are booked
      • no new updates from 50th committee
      • Steve has been able to find some artifacts from the school to feature
      • council is interested in selling spirit wear at the event
        • Kim asked if we have any leftover (vintage) clothes to sell
        • Steve is concerned about losing money if attendance is low
  • Discussions:
      • Principal Leadership Input:
        • PIC event will not include school staff this year, just for parent councils
        • used for choosing principals for the school; outlines concerns and requirements for the principals
        • this year it includes a report on Parent Council Activities
        • we will schedule an offsite meeting to discuss before the end of April when Input is due
      • Fundraising Map:
        • we want to create a map of fundraising activity throughout the school for the year so we don’t want to overload parents with fundraising requests
        • Donna asks why she doesn’t hear about fundraising initiatives
        • Steve says it’s specific to the class
        • Donna asks why we can’t advertise to the entire school
        • Josh is concerned about parents getting too many requests for fundraising
        • Donna would like to support students in the school but don’t know when fundraising is happening
        • James suggests that we can put current fundraising orders on the Parent Council Message Board to make it accessible to the school at large
        • Steve will create a map of fundraising for the year
      • Communication Translation Project:
        • hoping to use the PRO grant to get a number of documents translated into some of the more popular languages in our school
        • potential documents: pizza orders and other fundraising, school cash online setup, tutorial on how to translate the website/how to find language resources, beginning of year welcome messages, especially for Kindergarten, school messenger app setup tutorial
        • Susan Pittman created a list of popular languages last year
        • Steve will create process and get pricing


  • Next meeting date/Meeting Close: April 18, 2019, 3:45PM @ Willow Road PS



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