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Complete the Student Census by October 9

Students/families in Kindergarten to Grade 12 are encouraged to complete the UGDSB Counts Student Census survey by October 9, 2022. The link to complete the census can be found at the bottom of the email sent to parents/guardians (Kindergarten – Grade 8) and students (Grades 9-12+). It is a rectangular blue button that says “Begin Survey.” If you need assistance, please email [email protected]

Learn more about the importance of this census data, how the board is protecting privacy and examples of ways that the board will using the data to direct its resources and supports at

Fresh from the Farm

Posted September 22, 2022

Have you heard the buzz about Fresh from the Farm? It’s a healthy fundraiser for Ontario schools! We are so pleased to once again offer this exciting, educational and profitable opportunity to École Fred A. Hamilton families. Let’s look at the facts about the fresh from the Farm ...

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School Open House – September 29th, 2022

Posted September 21, 2022

Please Join Us For Our Open House School Open House Flyer  

Help the UGDSB make positive change – complete the Student Census today!

Posted September 19, 2022

The “UGDSB Counts Student Census” launches today for all Upper Grand District School Board students in grades Kindergarten-12. Participation in the Student Census will help the UGDSB make systemic changes that will create more equitable outcomes for all students. 

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Wellness Works: Welcome Back!

Posted September 15, 2022

The Upper Grand District School Board is continuing with the Wellness Works monthly themes across all grades in the 2022-2023 school year. For September we are once again bringing our collective focus to the theme of: WELCOME, CONNECTION and BELONGING.

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Scented Products in our School

Posted September 8, 2022

Please be aware that some staff and students in our school are extremely sensitive to scented products such as perfumes, colognes, aftershaves, body sprays, air fresheners and pot-pourri, etc. The presence of scented products can adversely affect a person’s health, including life threatening reactions. Please do not wear ...

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Smoke and Vape-Free Environment

Posted September 7, 2022

The Upper Grand DSB provides a smoke and vape-free environment for its students, staff and others while on Board property, in accordance with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act and Board policy 208.  This policy refers to all forms of tobacco, and any processed form of tobacco that may be smoked, inhaled ...

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School Organization

Posted September 7, 2022

Please be aware that our school organization is still tentative. Should the number of students registered at the school change significantly, a re-organization of classes may be required.  The École F. A. Hamilton staff has built class lists based on our school’s tentative organization. Changes may be necessary ...

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Life-Threatening Allergies

Posted September 6, 2022

Students with Life-Threatening Medical Conditions UGDSB Policy 518: Students with Life-Threatening Medical Conditions, outlines the roles and responsibilities for all in the educational community to support students with possible life-threatening medical conditions.  The prevalent medical conditions covered under this policy are Asthma, Anaphylaxis, Diabetes and Epilepsy/Seizure Disorders.  If your child has ...

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New School and Child Care Screening Tool is available online

Posted September 1, 2022

The Ministry of Health and the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health have provided a new “School and Child Care” screening tool. It is recommended that students/children and visitors continue to self-screen for illness every day before attending school or child care using this updated Screening Tool.

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Video Surveillance

Posted September 1, 2022

This is a reminder that École Fred A. Hamilton, similar to all schools in the UGDSB, is outfitted with video surveillance cameras, both inside and outside the building. The purpose of the video surveillance cameras is to ensure student/staff safety, and to help reduce vandalism at UGDSB schools. School administration ...

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Reminder for Families: Student Accident Insurance

Posted August 29, 2022

Parents and guardians are responsible for expenses related to student injuries on school premises or during school activities. Accidents can and do happen and the costs involved might not be fully covered by Provincial health care or employer group insurance plans.

The Upper Grand District School board is empowered ...

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Back to School! Information for students and families

Posted August 29, 2022

It’s back to school season! We are excited to welcome and welcome back all students and families to the Upper Grand. To help make the transition back to school smoother for our students and families, we are sharing a website with information about back to school.

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Register your child for school on August 30

Posted August 23, 2022

On August 30, 2022 from 1 PM to 4 PM, registration will open online for parents and guardians to register their child to their home elementary school.

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Run to be a school board trustee!

Posted July 25, 2022

As the next municipal elections approach on October 24, 2022, the Upper Grand District School Board is seeking nominations for school board trustees for the 2022-2023 school year. School Board Trustees have a big impact on shaping the education system for Upper Grand students. The UGDSB is looking for individuals who can ‘re-engage, re-fresh, and re-imagine’ the best education system for the students in our community.

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September School Reopening Poster

Posted June 30, 2022

2022 School Opening Poster
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