EJPS Week at a Glance (Feb 13 – 17)

Posted February 10, 2023

EJPS Week at a Glance (Feb 13 – 17)

Chers parents,

I wanted to echo the sentiment in the message below from our Trustees and the Chair of the Board and say that the staff at EJPS also extend our thoughts and sympathies to everyone impacted by the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Please read the link below. 


Next week will be the start of term 2 and the time to set goals with our young learners based on the feedback found in their term 1 Report Card, which will be available online on Feb 16th by 4PM. Reminders, instructions, and support links to access and understand the report card will come out next week in a separate email and hard copy letter. Please know that great time, care,  and consideration is taken when providing an evaluation of your child’s learning. We appreciate your trust in us! Be sure to celebrate their strengths and support them to reflect on next steps towards improvement. Prioritize what skills or subjects may require more effort or support. Remember, reading is key to all learning! Also keep in mind, writing in French is a very challenging skill set and takes time for most students to develop proficiently. It’s normal to see French writing as an area of challenge. Good self-confidence and a growth mindset are also essential to an enjoyable and successful time at school. The learning skills section of the report card will give you good insight into your child’s confidence and openness to feedback. Lastly, remember that every learner is unique and learning spurts and learning dips happen at different stages for different children. It’s important to be patient as well as supportive. As the adults in their lives it’s imperative that we continue to work together towards supporting our learners to become independent and self-actualizing through a gradual release of responsibility and prepare the child for the path as opposed to preparing the path for the child. If you have any questions about your child’s report card do not hesitate to contact their teacher. 

Below are a few information items to share: 

  • Parents and guardians of elementary school children are invited to participate in the Strengths to Grow research study. This brief study is entirely online and can be completed at any time. Participants will complete two 10-minute surveys and the 30-minute Strengths to Grow program which helps parents identify and develop their child’s unique strengths. Every participant receives free access to the Strengths to Grow program and the first 400 participants receive a $5 Tim Horton’s gift card. For more information, follow this link https://bit.ly/strength-research
  • EQAO WEBINAR FOR CAREGIVERS OF ELEMENTARY STUDENTS  There is a FREE live webinar to learn about EQAO assessment results and Ontario’s large-scale assessment program at the elementary-school level. 

March 28th @ 6:30pm & April 4th @ 12:00pm. EQAO will review highlights from the 2021–2022 assessment results. The session will also highlight how the Primary division (Grade 3) and Junior division (Grade 6) assessments have been modernized. The presentation will be approximately 45 minutes and will be followed by a live Q & A session with EQAO staff. Registration: www.eventbrite.ca/e/451955981507 

  • “Pizza & Sub orders for March 2023 have been posted for purchase on School Cash Online. Orders close Sunday February 19 @ midnight. No late orders will be accepted. On No Bus days the orders will be cancelled and Subs will be served on the Wednesday & Pizza will be served on the following Monday.”

Below are some important dates: 

  • Feb 16 – Term 1 Report Cards available online
  • Feb 20 – Family Day
  • Feb 21 – EJPS School Council 6:30 – 7:30
  • Feb 22 – Pink Shirt Day (UGDSB wide)
  • March 2 – Dance-a-thon (pledge forms coming shortly)
  • March 3 – PA Day
  • March 9 – Junior Basketball Tournament
  • March 13-17 – MARCH BREAK 

Stay healthy and keep safe!


Olivier Cutz (Principal)



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