EJPS Week at a Glance (May 1- 5)

Posted April 27, 2023

EJPS Week at a Glance (May 1- 5)

Chers parents,

I know this message is one day early! Reason being that we’d like some time to give people an opportunity to get organized for next week’s volunteer opportunities. We are so excited to see as many of you as possible next Wednesday at our Open House from 5:30-7PM. It will be a very busy event! 

Two things for the STEM part of our Open House:

  1. We need volunteers! If you can help at the May 3rd STEM Fair, please complete this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdKrpkn1Po5FtQ_NGHRc95AHn_tAKsK-gwRL26aSM_OTyd2yg/viewform?usp=sf_link

  2. STEM Fair map. Check it out, so you know where your child’s work is displayed and where other themes of interest will be set up. There will be a STEM scavenger hunt and other fun stations! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-CdlOkEOAFYfrXQA4yprmpAbo78iwFZF/view?usp=sharing 

Also, during the STEM fair we will also be hosting a Scholastic Book Fair in the library from 5:30-7:00. There will be a large selection of both English and French books. All forms of payment are accepted- cash, debit, credit cards and cheques. All funds raised go toward new books for the library!

And finally,  at the STEM Fair you will find the Clothing Swap in the Kindy Hall. Students can choose 1 t-shirt to take home free! Students that cannot attend the STEM Fair will find left over t-shirts to choose from across from the Library the day after the fair.  After that all donations will be donated to Hope House. 

Untitled Drawing

Attendance Support Week 4: 

This week, let’s discuss some things to do if all the strategies you’ve tried so far to encourage regular attendance at school with your child haven’t worked. 

  • Be consistent! Don’t give up. And know that there are supports for parents if you need them. “Put on your own oxygen mask, before others.”
  • There are resources available within schools and community supports if there are other barriers to attendance such as having enough food for lunches.
  • Here’s a great resources with existing handouts and evidence based information: https://www.attendanceworks.org/  

For more information, please visit the UGDSB website: https://www.ugdsb.ca/parents/student-attendance-at-school-tips-and-strategies-for-families/ 

Below are a few important dates:

  • May 1 – 5 > Education & Mental Health Week
  • May 2nd > 20 minute Zumba class for every grade as part of our Mental Health initiative
  • May 11 > Class Photo Day!
  • May 15 > Bicycle Safety Presentation Gr 3,4,5
  • May 16 > Gr 5 Mountsberg Trip
  • May 16 > School Council Meeting
  • May 19 > Jump Rope for Heart
  • May 22 > Statutory Holiday
  • May 26 > DSD Club mini-Play “Bottom of the Sea”
  • May 30, 31, June 1 > Gr 6 EQAO
  • June 1st Kindergarten field trip to Mountsberg
  • June 2 > PD Day & JK Orientation (for new JKs next year)
  • June 6,7,8 > Gr 3 EQAO (updated!)
  • June 9 > Groundwater Festival Gr 2-5
  • June 15 > Grade 1s to Butterfly Conservatory
  • June 15 & 16 > Gr 6 Camp
  • June 22 > Gr 6 Graduation
  • June 29 > Last day of school
  • June 30 > PA Day

Enjoy your weekend and see you at the STEM Fair/Open House!,

Olivier Cutz (Principal)

** This and all past EJPS Week at a Glance emails are also posted on our school website here: https://www.ugdsb.ca/johnson/category/newsletter/ 



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