Statement from the Chair of the Board and Director regarding ongoing violence in the Middle East

Posted October 10, 2023

We are deeply saddened to learn of the recent deadly attacks and ongoing violence in the Middle East. Our thoughts are with all those impacted and mourning the loss of life during the conflict over the past weekend. We acknowledge this is a particularly devastating time for UGDSB students, staff and families who are connected to the region. These students and communities need our support, understanding, compassion, and care.   

These events may cause a variety of reactions, emotions and responses among staff, students, and families. To support staff in responding to questions and/or engaging in dialogue with students, we are providing resources for schools to ensure safe, inclusive learning and working environments.


Individuals will be impacted differently based on their lived experiences, and we know that some students and staff may need extra support in the days and weeks ahead. Please monitor students’ needs and well-being; check in with students as needed.

Please review the resource documents shared above; access mental health supports through the community or through the school; use the Employee and Family Assistance program; and reach out if you require additional support.

Student Support Resources:

Mental Health Resources: 

  • Guelph/Wellington: 1 844 437 3247 (HERE247)
  • Dufferin: 519 941 1530 (DCAFS)
  • Kids Help Phone: 1 800 668 6868


Ralf Mesenbrink
Chair of the Board

Peter Sovran
Director of Education

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