Apply to CELP & Headwaters

Are You Currently in Grade 9?

Apply for Grade 10 CELP for semester 1 or 2 next year!

  • CELP application form
  • Due to the stress of the pandemic we are waiving teacher reference requirements this year
  • We will be requesting transcripts directly

from guidance (you do not need to do this).

1/ Click on CELP Application and complete and submit the google form…we highly suggest you prepare and edit  your answers before and cut and paste them into the form.  You must fill  out the form in one sitting…DO NOT close computer before pressing submit, your form will be incomplete. Be sure to look at our site, videos and testimonials, to see what we are all about…it will help your application.

2/ Check with your guidance department as to how to select CELP for the next year { it varies with each school } and to program your other courses.

3/ Wait to hear from us in late March for whether you got into the program…Good Luck to everyone.

Are You Currently in Grade 11 or 12?

Apply for Grade 12 Headwaters for next year!

Applications are due FEB. 25th, 2021

  • Headwaters application
  • Due to the stresses of the pandemic we are waiving teacher reference requirements for the program this year.
  • We will be requesting transcripts directly from guidance (you do not need to do this).

1/ Complete and submit the google form. Cut and paste your answers from a doc so you don’t lose your work. Reviewing the program description will help your application.  

2/ Check with your guidance department as to how to select Headwaters credits for the next year.

3/ We will email you in late March/ early April at your ugcloud email to let you know about acceptance.

Bursary Applications Available

CELP and Headwaters Bursary Application

Application Philosophy and Process

We believe that the most successful CELP or Headwaters class is a mix of different kinds of students. It should be a reflection of the diversity in our community. We do, however, need students to have the following characteristics:

  1. Punctuality and Handing in items complete and on time:
    We are looking for students who demonstrate these skills and feel they are important in CELP Programs.
  2. Responsibility and Commitment
    As CELP Programs have many moments where students are placed in positions of responsibility, we feel that the application process will demonstrate this.
  3. Academic Commitment
    As CELP takes place in an off-campus setting and students are involved in many projects, students are expected to keep organized and up-to-date on all assignments for CELP courses.

How does the selection process work?

All applicants who have met the deadline will be considered. Students who did not completed the entire package will be eliminated. The selection process will occur in the following order:

  1. Applications will be read by teachers in the CELP program and will be evaluated by a rubric. Students will be assigned a level factored into an overall ranking.
  2. Teacher reference forms for the top applicants will be scored with a number based on the questions being asked. We will also consider any concerns or outstanding reasons why a teacher may or may not recommend a student at this time.
  3. Transcripts will  be reviewed to ensure that students have prerequisites for credits and that they have kept up with courses.
  4. The CELP and Headwaters teachers will then, together, arrive at a final group of students for CELP with a waiting list of 4 students and full class of Headwaters students with a waiting list of 2. Additional sections may be added dependent on numbers. Acceptance emails will be sent out to successful candidates in late March/ early April. Mandatory student/parent meetings will be held in June (for fall semester) and December (for winter semester) where an initial deposit will be collected. Students on the waiting list and students who have not been accepted will be notified by email.