CELP Mentors

CELP hosts leadership positions (2 max per semester) for former CELP students only (as they will be helping with Earthkeepers/EcoStars and must know this process).


Students would be responsible for a variety of tasks from trip prep, equipment care and inventory, and most specifically for providing leadership during EcoStars to the grade 10 students during this critical period. There are periods where time commitment is full time and others where students can completely focus on their other courses (if applicable) A mature independent student is required to manage this schedule.


The EcoStars expertise required for this position demands that students be former CELPers and that they be very mature. Grade 11 students may apply but the level of maturity required would demand an exceptional candidate. CELP may decide not take any candidates if none fitting our requirements applies as this unique leadership position requires great maturity and independence. As well, the selection process also takes into consideration the making of suitable leadership pairings as a key factor in the selection.


This student can receive up to 3 x 4U/M credits while in the position (depending on the students and their academic background and the semester).  Two credits from the UGDSBs e-learning credits are available see your guidance department for e-learning details and to verify specific courses.

CELP offers IDP 4U as part of this program (N.B. it is the same one offered in Beyond Borders and can only be taken once).

If this semester as a CELP Mentor is your last semester in High school (30 credits) and you wish to graduate from your home school (that is not CCVI) you must be taking a majority of your courses from your home schoolie: 2 of your 3.


All entries will be delivered to Centennial CVI or emailed to [email protected] between April 1 and April 30th of the year. No late entries will be accepted…this is a position of responsibility.

Interviews All applicants will be notified via email and select students will receive interviews in the first 2 weeks of May to allow successful students to change their timetable for the next year.

Selection We reserve the right not choose any candidates if there are non suitable to this very responsible position. The CELP Mentor program is a very independent position reliant on trust and self motivation.