Position Staff Member
Principal Gillian Muir
Office Administrator Roxanne Hostrawser
Kindergarten Julie Brundle/Robyn Smith
Grade 1/2 Katherine Bellai
Grade 2/3 Christine Turnbull
Grade 3/4 Matthew Lawson
Grade 5/6 Colleen Hunter
Grade 6/7 Paul Panagiotou
Grade 8 Shane Mead
French Resource Kerry Edwards Craig
Resource Shannon Mallany & Gillian Muir
Educational Assistants Trish Tworek/Alison Moutrey
 Library Ali Wardle
 CYC Danielle Schwindt
Custodian Melanie Shubat


If you wish to speak to or meet with a teacher, please call the school office at 855-4484 or if it is long distance 1-800-552-5045. You can be connected to their voice mail extensions. If your call is urgent in nature, please inform the secretary. Please do not go directly to a classroom. This is a safety issue for our students.