Professional Activity Day Description – Nov. 24, 2023

Posted November 7, 2023

Date: November 24, 2023

Length: Full Day


  • Elementary Topic: Parent-Guardian / Teacher Interviews
  • Secondary Topic 1:  AM – Curriculum PD and Workshops
  • Secondary Topic 2:  PM – Workplace Violence Prevention Training as per the Collective Agreement

Entity Hosting: Upper Grand DSB

Presenter(s)/Facilitator(s): School Administrators and Online Modules


Elementary Staff will spend the full day communicating with parents/guardians about student progress after the Progress Reports go home this November.

Secondary Staff – will spend half the day on Literacy and STEM learning as outlined below.

  • Literacy
    • Implementation of the new curriculum and effective practices for supporting students in the new Grade 9 de-streamed English course to consolidate foundational knowledge and skills
    • Literacy across the curriculum and subject courses 
  • STEM
    • Supporting student improvement in K-12 Mathematics through high impact instructional approaches and alignment with curriculum
    • A focus on high-impact instructional practices to support students in the Grade 9 de-streamed math course
    • Breaking down barriers to tech education
    • Understanding Skilled Trades the Apprenticeship Pathway
    • STEM across the curriculum and subject courses

Secondary Staff will spend the afternoon completing mandatory Workplace Violence Prevention Training on the board’s Online Learning Platform. This is self-directed learning made of online modules for staff to work through independently.

Entity Hosting: Upper Grand DSB

Presenter(s)/Facilitator(s): Independent / Individual

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