School Council Meeting Minutes (January 23rd, 2020)

Posted September 26, 2020


Heather welcomed everyone. Minutes were reviewed via digital copies sent out, and accepted by Heather and Shannon.

Ainslea delivered our treasurer’s report and account balances:

  • Fundraising account: $18,864.66
    • $9,899.00 – funds raised so far this year
    • $1881.00 brought in by Pork Chop dinner
    • $5500.00 brought in by chocolate bars
  • General Account: $9,311.00 
    • Bussing and Christmas crafts have come out
    • It was noted we will save approximately $1700 on bussing, as there isn’t a Wanakita trip this year (our current Grade 6 class went last year as Grade 5’s)
  • Hot Lunch: $4937.57
    • $3659.00 in hot lunch proceeds so far, but we have lunch supplies for the January to March term to pay out of this yet
  • Playground: $4998.97

Tim delivered the Principal’s report:

  • Job Action
    • Letters have gone home regarding upcoming strike days. The Board website posts Labour Updates ( Parents can also check the school website and the UGConnect App for regular updates.
    • Term One report cards will not be issued; a letter was sent home regarding this
    • Currently, field trips are also affected by sanctions
  • UGConnect App
    • A reminder to download the UGConnect app, as it is a preferred method of communication
    • Weekly reminders are sent out here by Tim
  • Next Year
    • 23 new JK students have registered so far
    • Staffing for 2020-2021 will follow a similar process to last year 
  • Health Curriculum
  • Revised Concussion protocol will be implemented Feb. 1st, following Rowan’s Law
  • The PIC committee from our board is looking for volunteers for a board-wide event, if anyone is interested
  • Yearbook was discussed – the cost is approximately $15-$16 per book. In previous years parents paid $8, but it was agreed this year we will increase family cost to $10 per book to reduce the difference covered by SCA.
  • Tech Update
    • Tim discussed some of the technology needs of the school. He noted that we do have some Chromebooks who’s licensing is no longer being updated, so these machines will eventually need to be replaced. As well, some of the current iPads are 7 years old, and are no longer functional. 
    • We were given $3600 in a Board tech allocation, which was able to cover the cost of 4 new iPads and 4 new Chromebooks
    • Tim shared that some of Lori Albrecht’s students submitted a video, and we were provided with four 7th Gen. iPads plus an Osmo Classroom Starter Kit, two Lego Robotics kits, and a Codey Rocky kit with Python coding language
  • Eco Club has shifted from Litterless Monday to Litterless Tuesday to allow for reminder announcements on Mondays. Sweater Day is on Feb. 6 as an “eco initiative.”
  • Spirit Days upcoming: Crazy Hair Day on Feb 13 and 100s/Future You Day on Feb. 21
  • Tim inquired about when to send the next hot lunch forms home, it was decided toward the end of February would be a good time

SCA Business was discussed:

  • Christmas Recap
    • Chocolate fundraiser did really well for proceeds
    • It was noted $5.00 seemed a bit much to some for chocolate, as well that there were comments the quality of the chocolate was not on par with the price
    • Consider $3.00 chocolate options for next year
    • Tim will relay feedback to the representative
  • Spring Fundraising
    • Decided to do Harriston Packers, Elmira Poultry, and Macmillans
    • Delivery Date: Wednesday, April 1st.  Heather will confirm this is okay to switch to a Wednesday with the fundraising companies.
    • Forms to go home Feb. 12 and will be due back March 4
    • Ask Karen to set up a Doodle and send an email for volunteers
    • Discussed the mix-ups that are happening with having both online payments and paper forms as some people do not return the paper forms. Heather will discuss with Connie if we can have a report generated indicating total amounts for each product from online ordering to ensure items are not missed.
  • Chicken Dinner
    • Thursday, May 28 
    • We will ask our usual Chicken BBQ Guy to do the meat. The meal will likely be Chicken, coleslaw, corn, bun, and dessert. Order forms will be sent home before Mother’s Day.
    • We will discuss finalized details at our next meeting.
  • Electives
    • Shannon had notified us in communication prior to the meeting that volunteers for electives are quite low this year. It was also noted that it may be difficult to organize with potential strike days.
    • Options were discussed with a one-day Winter Carnival being a highly favoured choice. Ideas for activities were tossed around – tug of war, hot chocolate station, sled races, snow obstacle course, etc. Tim suggested using the Colour Houses as teams. Lori and Amanda indicated an interest in helping coordinate this with Shannon, and we will reach out for more parents volunteers to run stations, etc.
    • Winter Carnival date: Friday Feb. 21st.
  • A free pancake lunch will be held on Pancake Tuesday, February 25

The meeting was then adjourned.


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