12+ Student Vaccine

Posted May 26, 2021

Hello Parents and Guardians,

As you may be aware, all students aged 12+ and their families are now eligible to receive the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine through Public Health. Attached to this message you will find instructions on how to pre-register and then get an appointment for a vaccine. Please read and follow the information in the “Youth Vaccination Communications”, May 25th letter.

Please note that when you pre-register online, you will need to provide our school name and address including postal code. To assist you, our address is: 70 Montgomery Blvd, L9W 5H6

Please take time to read the additional information provided about the vaccine. Also included is a consent form for information only. You DO NOT need to bring it to your appointment.

We hope you find the information helpful in arranging for a vaccine appointment.


Brent Ellery

Student Vaccine Vaccine Consent

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