First Day!

Posted September 1, 2021

Dear parents and guardians;

Welcome back to school. As a staff, we are using this week for training, professional development, and preparing to receive our students on September 7th. There are many new members joining our school community this year.

Many of you will be wondering what our first day looks like. We are still under COVID 19 restrictions, but some restrictions have been reduced. On the first day of school, we will ask all students to go to the back of the school. Grade level signs will be posted on the walls of the school. Please look for your grade level sign. Staff members will have class lists to assist families. Teachers will collect their students and bring them into the building once they have all the students on their list. Please wear a mask as the area will be more congested than usual. All students must wear a mask in the building unless there is a medical reason that has been communicated with the Principal and proper paperwork has been completed.

As it is with every school year, the class organization we begin with will likely change. Schools have built class lists based on their tentative organizations. Changes may be necessary in order that our Board remain compliant with Ministry parameters. Any changes would be implemented by Monday, September 20th. Principals do not have the option of changing the school organization that is set by the District Staffing Committee of the Board. If changes affect your child(ren), you will be informed by the school.

It will be important for all parents to talk to their children about being flexible and adaptive, as the class they begin in may not be the one they stay in. As our registrations continue to come in, we expect that the reorganization of our classrooms will impact many of our students.

Our school day begins at 8:40 AM. Please do not arrive too early as we are trying to reduce congestion around the building. Also, as a reminder, our bus lane at the front of the school is not to be used by parents picking up and dropping off students unless there are mobility issues. The bus lane is reserved for busses and those community members who require accessible parking due to physical needs. We would also ask that if you are bringing your child to school that you park away from our school and walk the remaining distance to the building to reduce car congestion.

For students from grades 6 to 8, some parents may choose to allow their children to leave school property during nutrition breaks. If parents make this choice, it should be clear that the students will not be the responsibility of the school while they are off property. Should you choose to grant permission to your child please use this link to make the request:

At the moment, our school is closed to parents and non-essential visitors. It is our hope that this changes in the near future.

We are excited about getting the year started and looking forward to a smooth start despite some of the challenges we face.

​​​​​​​If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to your child’s teacher or the school office.

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