Masks and Dogs

Posted October 1, 2021

Good afternoon, everyone.

Thank you for your ongoing support in working with our staff through ongoing COVID restrictions. I have just a few reminders so we can continue to keep our community safe.

MASKS: In the morning and during pick up at the end of the day, we are asking all students and parents to wear a mask, if they cannot socially distance themselves from others. We have an enormous yard, so I would ask that if you need a mask break, that you move to an area where you can be at least two metres apart from others. We appreciate that we have many families with various views on masks, but it is our expectation that all parents will wear masks, or move to an open area of the yard.

DOGS: Our staff are dog lovers – and so are many of our students. However, we also have some within our community who are incredibly fearful of dogs and this causes great anxiety. We also have many students who do not yet know how to approach a dog respectfully or safely. We would ask that if you bring a dog to pick up, or drop off your child, that you make arrangements to keep the dog off school property. Students can find you in these locations so that we do not have any issues.

I appreciate your support and understanding of these two issues. We hope to work together respectfully to get through these challenging times.


Brent Ellery, Principal MVPS

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