Return to In-School Learning

Posted January 13, 2022

Dear parents and guardians.

Thank you for the support you have given your children and our teachers over the last two weeks. As we prepare for a return to in-school learning, there are a few things you will need to be aware of.

Please note the following:

Friday, Jan. 14th will be a day of asynchronous learning. Teachers will check in at some point in the day, but the activities the students complete throughout Friday will be independent and posted on their Google Classroom. Teachers will be given some time to prepare for coming back to school.

WEBSITE: Please check our website on a regular basis for new and more detailed information.

DAILY Screening Each morning, parents must complete a COVID 19 screening of their children. Please use the screening tool on our board website prior to coming to school. If your child has any symptoms of COVID 19, please do not send them to school. If a child has symptoms, all family members will need to isolate. Do not send siblings to school even if they are vaccinated and not showing symptoms. Use the guidance on the screening tool to help with decision making and contact the school if you have questions. Our staff will confirm with/remind students that daily screening has been completed when the arrive each day. This will look different depending on the age of the student.

Temporary Remote Learning Option Please visit our website to learn more about the temporary remote learning option that is available for those who are not yet comfortable returning to in-school learning. If you choose this option, you must contact our school office.

Mask Exemption Changes All students must wear a mask while in school. Only those with medical reasons will have an exemption. Moving forward, a Mask Exemption Certificate that is signed and stamped by a certified physician (of medicine) or nurse practitioner will be required in order to approve such requests. Any previous approval of an exemption will no longer be valid when students return to “in person” learning. High quality 3 ply masks will be available for students in their classrooms.

Rapid Antigen Testing Kits These testing kits will be available for families. We are waiting on more information about distribution, but the kits are expected to be in the school before the end of this week. Please look for more information on our website – coming soon.

Cohorting Outside MVPS students will stay in their classroom cohorts while outside during recess. Each class will be given an assigned area and must remain with their classmates during breaks. They may take a mask break while outside as before. This may be a short term change and we will follow the guidance of Public Health and the UGDSB as directed.

Off Property Students During Nutrition Breaks, some of our students go off property. With the spread of the highly contagious Omicron variant of COVID 19, we are encouraging students to only leave property to go to their own homes. Please discuss this as a family.

Return of Technology For those families that borrowed a Chromebook during this time of online learning, please return the Chromebooks on Monday, Jan. 17th. Please place the Chromebook and its charger in a plastic bag and bring to your homeroom teacher. These devices are very important to our in-school instruction and we need them all to be returned as soon as possible. Please do not remove the tape with your child’s name on it that was on the device.

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