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ETFO Jan. 28 strike: All UGDSB elementary schools to close - UGDSB secondary schools will remain open

On Tuesday Jan. 28, all UGDSB ELEMENTARY schools will be closed to students due to the one-day ETFO strike, unless the strike is averted. Elementary schools will re-open to students on Jan. 29. All UGDSB SECONDARY schools will remain open to students on Jan. 28 and will operate as usual. Jan. 28 is an exam day in secondary schools; exams will continue as scheduled.

TRANSPORTATION: On Jan. 28, buses/student transportation for all UGDSB elementary students will be cancelled; transportation for UGDSB secondary students will run as normal.

COMMUNITY USE OF SCHOOLS AND CHILD CARE: Community Use of Schools and third-party operated child care centres remain open during this labour action. Some Before and/or After School Programs may be operating and each operator will communicate directly with families.​

FEB 3-7 STRIKES: UGDSB elementary schools will be closed to students on Feb. 4 and Feb. 6, unless the ETFO strikes are averted. For additional details visit:

UPDATES: Please continue to check the board website for updates at

ETFO Jan. 28 strike: All UGDSB elementary schools to close, unless strike is averted – UGDSB secondary schools remain open

On January 23, 2020, the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) announced that its elementary teachers and occasional teachers will take part in a one-day, full withdrawal of services in select locations across Ontario on Tuesday Jan. 28. The Upper Grand District School Board is listed as one of the school boards that will be included in the Jan. 28 strike.

The ETFO strike will not impact UGDSB high schools. If this strike proceeds, all UGDSB ELEMENTARY schools will be closed to students; transportation for those students will be cancelled. All UGDSB SECONDARY schools will remain open to students and will operate as usual. Jan. 28 is an exam day in secondary schools; exams will continue as scheduled. Transportation will continue to run for secondary students.

For further information please:

We will continue to provide updates as information becomes available.

Semester 1 Report Cards – Information for Parents/Guardians (Jan. 2020)


Francis Noventa, Principal – April King, Vice-Principa

Important information about Semester 1 report cards                                                January 22, 2020

Dear parents and guardians, 

In November, the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) announced a partial withdrawal of services that included the writing of report card comments on report cards. In the Upper Grand District School Board, OSSTF represents a number of different employee groups, including all secondary teachers and occasional teachers.

As a result of the labour sanctions, Semester 1 final report cards will not contain comments. Teachers will, however, enter final marks, absences and learning skills in the Semester 1 report cards that will be distributed to students on Monday, February 10th, 2020. Teachers will also update all Individual Education Plans (IEPs) as well as provide comments on alternative report cards as per normal procedures.

Procedures related to the uploading of marks to both college and university application centres will continue to take place as usual.

Semester 2 is to begin as previously scheduled on February 3, 2020, provided there are no bus cancellations on the exam days.

For labour updates please:

Thank you,

Francis Noventa

135 Cumberland St., Palmerston Ontario N0G 2P0 519-343-3107

Semester 1 Final Exams

Semester 2 Final Exams will begin Friday January 24.

Exam Day 1 – Friday January 24 at 9:30am

Exam Day 2 – Monday January 27 at 9:30am

Exam Day 3 – Tuesday January 28 at 9:30am

Exam Day 4 – Wednesday January 29 at 9:30am

It is the responsibility of each student to know when and where they are scheduled to write their evaluation. If you have any questions, ask the teacher of the subject.

Report to the room where you are to write the evaluation at least 10 minutes before the evaluation is scheduled to begin.

You must have your textbook with you for collection during the evaluation.  Leave your notebooks in your locker; bring only pens, pencils, rulers, etc., that you have been instructed to bring.

You must stay in the evaluation room for the entire length of the exam.

If you must leave the evaluation room for any reason before the end of the evaluation ask the presiding teacher for permission.  The teacher will arrange for someone to accompany you.

STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE HALLS DURING EVALUATIONS.  There will be no access to lockers until the completion of the two hour examination session.


  • Review your notes. Start with the main points before you return to review the material in detail.
  • Set up a schedule so you know what you will be reviewing each night and know that you can cover everything in that time.
  • Listen closely to the teacher’s tips on what may be on the examination, e.g. which chapters to cover.
  • Never assume that something won’t be on the examination and skip over it for that reason.
  • Be sure that you know what type of examination it will be; essay question or true and false. If you are in any doubt, please do not hesitate to ask.


Information for parents/guardians about coronavirus

Posted January 27, 2020

Information for UGDSB parents and guardians regarding coronavirus.

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Exciting News

Posted January 24, 2020

EO XG8SXUAAOZU9Rourke Martin has been selected to play for Canada’s Special Needs Hockey Team. The team will travel to Las Vegas May 11-17 to compete against teams from around the world. The tournament will be held at City National Arena which is the same arena the Las Vegas Knights …

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Important information about the Transportation website during strikes

Posted January 20, 2020

Please read for important information about student transportation (busing) communication during a strike that results in the closure of schools to students. 

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UGDSB statement regarding EQAO Grade 9 Math Assessment

Posted January 9, 2020

January 9, 2020

On Jan. 8, 2020, the Minister of Education announced that the decision with respect to the
administration of the EQAO Grade 9 Math Assessment for semester 1 would be left to individual
school boards.

Students in the Upper Grand District School Board will not be participating in the EQAO

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Math Contest

Posted January 6, 2020

20200106_133348Congratulations goes out to Rory Norris (pictured) and Maddie Klaassen for their achievement at the Canadian Mathematics Contest. Maddie was awarded a medal for Canadian Senior Mathematics Contests and Rory’s was for Canadian Intermediate Mathematics Contests. The Canadian Senior and Intermediate Mathematics Contests (CSMC and CIMC) are two contests designed to give students the opportunity to have …

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Norwell Student Art Show

Posted December 13, 2019

Welcome future Norwell students and their families! 

Posted November 27, 2019

Logo20Ready20Set20High20School Norwell hosted Grade 8 Night on Thursday December 5th.  Check out the Incoming Grade 9 page on our website! If you missed the event, or still have questions please give the school a call 519-343-3107. 

Public Health Immunization

Posted November 20, 2019

Public HealthReminder to report all immunizations to Public Health.

You can report your student's vaccines in many ways:



Phone: 1-800-265-7293 ext.4396

Mail: Vaccine Records 160 Chancellors Way Guelph, Ontario N1G 0E1

Inclement Weather

Posted November 18, 2019

  STWDSTS will post information on bus cancellations on the STWDSTS website by 6:30 a.m. Information on school closures due to bus cancellations (i.e. schools that are dependent on bus transportation) will also be posted to the STWDSTS website. Read the full policy here: Inclement Weather Procedures    

The Kindness Campaign

Posted November 5, 2019

KindnessCampaignLet’s work together to #IncreaseKindness online

On Nov. 20, the UGDSB is launching The Kindness Campaign and we’re excited to join in! The Kindness Campaign will focus on promoting the positive use of social media and will share tips and resources for students, educators and parents/guardians.

We encourage everyone to join …

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