Registration for the 2021-22 Elementary Remote School is May 20-June 3

Posted May 20, 2021

May 20, 2021

The Upper Grand District School Board is looking forward to welcoming students back in September 2021. 

The UGDSB will offer a remote learning option for students in the 2021-22 school year. Please note that the UGDSB remote learning program for the 2021-22 school year will NOT be a “hybrid model.” Students who register for remote school will be placed in the standalone remote school, where classes are staffed by dedicated remote learning teachers.

Please see below for information about the 2021-22 Elementary Remote School (ERS) and registration form.

**Registration for the ERS is open from May 20-June 3. Please register before the deadline of June 3, 2021, at 4pm. To register your child for the 2021-22 ERS please click the following link and complete the Registration Form: 

Elementary In-Person Learning

In-person learning for Kindergarten to Grade 8 students in 2021-21 will be modelled on our current practice:

  • Schools will continue to follow all Public Health health and safety protocols.
  • Students will attend school full time, in person.
  • Students will continue to be cohorted by class and homeroom teachers.
  • Specialized staff will continue to rotate into classrooms to provide programming for students, e.g. French, art. There will be a continued focus on reducing the number of educator contacts who are delivering instruction to each homeroom/cohort.
  • Teachers will continue to maintain a virtual learning environment (i.e. Google Classroom) in order to support a transition to remote learning should the need arise, or where individual students are required to isolate for a limited period of time.

Elementary Remote School Information

While we believe that in-person learning best supports students, we recognize that some families may want their child to learn remotely, due to their unique circumstances.

Families should be aware that there will be some differences in the remote learning program in 2021-22 compared to what we were able to offer in the 2020-21 school year. For instance, with more students expected to return to in-person learning, our ability to offer a similar breadth of remote programs as was offered during the 2020-2021 school may be limited. Additionally, the decision families make about remote learning vs in-person learning for 2021-22 will be for the entire school year, as movement between learning modes can cause disruptions for many students and classrooms.

We recognize that making a decision now about next school year may be challenging, however we will be using the registration information we receive now to organize and create our staffing, class organization and timetables for the fall.

ERS Synchronous vs Asynchronous

When registering for the ERS, students will have the option of selecting between Synchronous or Asynchronous learning.

  • Synchronous: 
    • 300 minute daily schedule set by teacher
    • Live instruction using Google Meets (225 minutes for Grades 1-8; 180 minutes for Kindergarten)
    • Use of Google Classroom online learning environment
    • Daily attendance
  • Asynchronous:
    • 300 minute daily schedule set by family
    • No live instruction
    • Use of Google Classroom online learning environment; daily instruction delivered in the Google Classroom through videos, assignments and other resources
    • Daily attendance 

ERS French Immersion

The UGDSB cannot guarantee French Immersion (FI) programming in the Elementary Remote School, given the limited availability of qualified French Immersion teachers. Those families wanting to guarantee FI programming for their child(ren) should consider in-person learning. We will confirm if FI will be offered at a future date. 

ERS Special Education and Specialized Class Placements

We believe that in-person learning is the best format to support students with special education needs, particularly those in congregated classes and alternative education programs. For students enrolled in specialized class placements (e.g. DD, MID, LD, Gifted), we strongly encourage in-person instruction as these programs are much better served in person. There will be special education supports for students in the remote school, however, we may not be able to offer specialized classes in remote this coming school year.

ERS Registration

Registration for the Elementary Remote School is from May 20 to June 3, 2021, at 4pm. Please remember this decision is for the entire 2021-22 school year. 

To register your child for the 2021-22 ERS please click the following link and complete the Registration Form:

Do not complete the ERS Registration Form if you would like your child(ren) to attend school in-person. 


*Please note that the information above is for elementary only. Elementary and secondary have different processes and timelines. Please see below for a reminder of the different timelines. 

Informal survey to gauge interest in remote learning for next school year n/a May 6-17, 2021
Detailed information about remote learning program shared with families May 20, 2021 July 2021
Registration for remote learning begins May 20, 2021 Early August 2021
Registration for remote learning deadline June 3, 2021, at 4pm Mid August 2021
Final review of enrolments and class organizations/timetables Late August 2021 Late August 2021
Annual reorganization of classes September 2021 n/a


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