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Course Outlines

Grade 9 Course Outlines 

MATH Mathematics MAT1L / Mathematics MAT1L Petrin / Foundations Of Mathematics MFM1P1 Jamieson

ENGLISH Applied English ENG1P Eckerman / English ENG 1L /Applied English ENG1P Greig

SCIENCE Essential Science SNC1L / Applied Science SNC1P

TECH Transport Tech AutoBody TTJ10Exploring Transportation Tech TTJ101 / Manufacturing Technology TMJ 10 / Exploring Transportation Tech TTJ101 / Welding TMJ102 /Exploring Tech And Tourism TFJ101 Yates / Hairstyling And Aesthetics TXJ10 / Exploring Communication TGJ10/Exploring Green Industries THJ10

PHYSICAL EDUCATION Healthy Active Living PPL10

ART Visual Arts AV1

Grade 10 Course Outlines

MATH Mathematics For Everyday Life MAT2L / Foundation Of Mathematics MFM2P 

ENGLISH Essential English ENG2L / Essential English ENG2L Angus /Applied English ENG2P

SCIENCE Applied Science SNC2P

TECH Welding TMJ202 / Transportation Tech TTJ201 / Manufacturing Technology TMJ20 / Exploring Technologies TCJ201 / Exploring Communications TGJ20 /


COOP  Civics And Citizenship CHV20 Contreras / Civics And Citizenship CHV20 / Career Studies GLC20

PHYSICAL EDUCATION Healthy Living And Individual PA120

ART Visual Art AV120/Guitar AMG20

Grade 11 Course Outlines

MATH  Foundations Of Mathematics MBF3C / Mathematics For The Workplace & Everyday Life MEL3E

ENGLISH Workplace English ENG3E 

SCIENCE Environmental Science SVN3E / Environmental Science SVN 3E Boyle /College Biology SB13C

TECH Welding TMW3ED / Welding TMW3E1 /Transportation Technology Auto Body TTB3C /Transportation Technology TTJ3C1/Hospitality And Tourism TFJ3E  / Hospitality And Tourism TFJ3E Yates /Hospitality And Tourism TFJ3E Yates /Hospitality And Tourism SHSM TFJ3ED / Health Care TPJ 3CHairstyling And Aesthetics TXJ3E / Construction Technology TCJ3C1 / Construction Technology TCJ 3C1 / Construction Technology TCH3C1 /Green Industries THJ3E

SOCIAL SCIENCE Contemporary Indigenous Voices NBE3C


ART Media Arts Yearbook ASM30 Guitar AMG 30

BUSINESS Entrepreneurship BDP30

Grade 12 Course Outlines

MATH Foundations Of College Mathematics MAP4C/Mathematics For Workplace & Everyday Life MEL4E

ENGLISH Essential English ENG4E

SOCIAL SCIENCE Adventures In History CHM4E

TECH  Welding TMW 4E1 / Transportation Technology Auto Body TTB4C / Hospitality And Tourism TFJ 4E / Hairstyling And Aesthetics TXJ4E / Construction Technology TCJ 4C1 /Computer Technology TEJ 4E 

OSSLT Ontario Literacy Course OSSLC

ART Guitar AMG40 / Drama ADA4E


COOP Course