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Address: 371 College Ave. West, Guelph, Ontario, N1G 1T3
Telephone: 519-821-4510
Fax: 519-821-5531
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First Name Last Name Role Email 1 Email 2 Extension
Aaron Meyer Guidance and Career Education, Technological Education 521
Angelina Rosa Ed Asst - Special Education 485
Abdul Salam Alternative Courses (non-credit), Mathematics
Alexandra Sutherland Ed Asst - Special Education On Leave
Braeden Mills Sec Special Ed Resource
Barbara Omland Canadian and World Studies 308
Beth Parks Head/Lead, Canadian and World Studies, Cooperative Education, Sec Special Ed Resource, Teacher 312
Brie Worgan English 315
Carol Beatson Head/Lead, Technological Education 407
Christianna Bentley Spec Pgm Asst - Chef 316
Csaba Botko Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Cathleen Coburn Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Colin Kirley Arts 452
Craig Warren Spec Pgm Asst - Technical 431
Darcy Agnew Ed Asst - Special Education 402
Destiny Bragg Alternative Courses (non-credit) 364
Debra Caine Office Co-ordinator Secondary 303
Deanna Clifford Sells English 444
Diane Leach English 460
Erin Rivers English, Other, Science 307
Gary Rubenstein Ed Asst - Special Education 487
Greg Smith Teacher, Teacher Guidance 331
Heather Pierce Principal 304
Jodie Adams Health and Physical Education, Technological Education 324
Jennifer Beaton Head/Lead, Science 488
Joshua Caswell Alternative Courses (non-credit), Mathematics 448
Jessica Fortin Mathematics 406
Jaime Hill Other, Sec Special Ed Resource 327
John McGill Shift Supervisor-Secondary
Jeff Patrick Child Youth Counsellor Sec 354
Jason Pelletterio Technological Education 320
Jenifer Southwell Admin Ass't Vice Principal 313
Kathleen Angus Head/Lead, English, Indigenous Studies 413
Kim Jarvis Ed Asst - Special Education 427
Kyle Long Technological Education 403
Karen Morris Canadian and World Studies, Science 405
Kevin O'Brien Cooperative Education 38
Louise Dee Admin Office Ass't Secondary 309
Laura Rae Admin Office Ass't Secondary 301
Marian Box Head/Lead, Other, Sec Special Ed Resource 305
Malanie Langlois Technological Education 312
Melissa McDowall Vice Principal 306
Michelle Riddle Canadian and World Studies, Social Sciences and Humanities 415
Martin Salt Canadian and World Studies 426
Melanie Schaffer Arts 489
Mark Skerritt Head/Lead, Health and Physical Education 329
Marzia Vettoretto Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Rachael Fickes Alternative Courses (non-credit) 340
Ryan Finoro Technological Education 322
Ryan Scott Canadian and World Studies
Susan Bates Head Caretaker-Secondary 229
Susan Brown LTO Sec Admin Office Ass't
Sarah Crawford Ed Asst - Special Education, Spec Pgm Asst - Dev.Ser.Worker 424
Shawn Doucette Head/Lead, Co-op, Cooperative Education 362
Sarah Drost RCR/Alt Education, Sec Special Ed Resource 361
Shannon Eckerman Head/Lead, English, Indigenous Studies 421
Sue Fernholm Alternative Courses (non-credit) 229
Scott Harris Technological Education 330
Sandra Kroll Shift Supervisor-Secondary
Shonda Lipskie Head/Lead, Mathematics 423
Shelley Peterson Head/Lead, Guidance and Career Education, Technological Education 408
Sean Reid Alternative Courses (non-credit), Technological Education 496
Sandy Williams Spec Pgm Asst - Cafeteria 432
Sarah Wyche Arts 420
Tammy Grieco Ed Asst - Special Education 433
Tomasz Polak Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Trish Rubenstein Ed Asst - Special Education 443