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Our School

College Heights Secondary School is a Vocational and Trades School that enjoys excellent relationships with industry, business and community organizations that support our school programs and students.

Our mission statement:

Through practical, technical and service related education at College Heights Secondary School students will gain literacy, numeracy, job and social skills, a sense of self-worth, and a positive attitude toward life and learning in a changing society.

We are located on the western edge of the City of Guelph near the intersection of the Hanlon Expressway and College Ave.

College Heights buildingThe majority of our students are bused from Central and Southern Wellington County. Some of our students live in the city and access school by the city bus and others walk to school. We have a current population of just over 600 students.

All of the students choose a pathway at College Heights and plan their high school program accordingly. All pathways include a 2 week work experience in grade 10 and coop experiences in grade 11 and/or grade12. Our Pathways include; Arts, Child Care, Communications Technology, Green Industries (Agriculture/Horticulture), Hairstyling and Aesthetics, Health Care, Hospitality and Tourism(Baking/Food Preparation), Manufacturing Technology (Machine Shop/Welding), Recreation and Security, Transportation Technology (Auto Body/ Auto Mechanics).

In addition to our Pathways Planning, College Heights offers Specialist High Skills Diplomas in the following areas: Agriculture, Construction, Hospitality and Tourism, Manufacturing, Health and Wellness, Green Industries and Transportation. These Specialist High Skills Diplomas offer students access to additional certifications and experiences that give the students exceptional preparation for the trade of their choice. All of our programs lead to destinations of College, Apprenticeship or the Workplace.

Our school has access to both Centennial Arena and Centennial Pool as well as the extensive playing fields of Centennial Park. We have a thriving Physical and Health Education Program, Intramurals Program and our school teams participate in District 5 Sports. We also participate in inter-city sports with other schools our size.

College Heights celebrated it 40th reunion in September of 2009. We are proud to carry on the tradition of Vocational Education in Wellington County, as we are now teaching the sons and daughters of our early graduates.